Thursday, July 22, 2010

Overshare Files: Wedding Drama

This one comes to you from the Overshare Files. Angela, I know that you have been waiting for more of this for a while. I hope it lives up to your expectations.

I was sitting in the lunchroom with Anna and Gloria, the Wiccan and a few other people. We were reading our horoscopes (which we do every day at lunch) and the Wiccan's horoscope said something about having to deal with something that she hadn't dealt with months ago. I said that it didn't sound very good, to which she replied "well last night the bride did ask one of her bridesmaids not to be a bridesmaid anymore".

We played along for 5 seconds- Anna and I simultaneously said "ooooooh drama!" but the Wiccan throws out these stories like we know all the characters and have been following along with the story for a while when actually, I had no idea she was someone's maid of honour.

Don't worry it gets better.

Turns out the bridesmaid in question wants to have a sex change operation.

She waited to start the process until after the wedding so that she could still be a bridesmaid. And the bride doesn't want her to be a bridesmaid now.

I'm not going to analyze the situation- I think its a really sh*tty thing this supposed friend is doing to the bridesmaid. I'm just not sure that it needs to discussed amongst your co-workers during lunch. We're not that close.

Its just a really weird thing to bring up. Dress shopping- sure. Bridezilla- absolutely. Bachelorette party- definitely. Bridesmaid sex change- maybe doesn't need to be brought up at work.

So that took up a lot of our lunch hour, discussing the ramifications of a sex change operation this stranger is going to have.

Last night The Boyfriend and I went over to the new apartment to clean it. The place was pretty filthy. I cleaned one window and the cloth was black. This was on the inside I cleaned some of the windows on the outside and they weren't nearly as dirty. Also, lesson learned- after you clean a window, sneeze away from it or you might have to redo some of your work. Just some hard earned wisdom I thought I'd pass along.

One more item of interest in the worst put together post in a long time (even that sentence is crap)- they fired someone this morning. Don't worry- no one good. That guy that was all "Spain's gonna win" right after he went with me to watch Holland beat Uruguay? When Spain hadn't even qualified for the final yet? Yeah, big loss right?

So why do I mention it if I'm glad I don't have to stare at his various football jerseys on Friday? Or his Spanish flag desktop picture? Or talk to him ever again? Because this situation is unusual, dare I say, a first for this office. They got rid of someone that was deserving of losing their job!

I'm not sure that this has ever happened here before. We keep a lot of dead weight. The temps are expendable, and even then, its hard to get rid of them. This guy? A real employee. With benefits and vacation days and everything. Guess who got him the job? His daddy. He thought he was untouchable and therein lay his downfall.

They actually had a meeting with the "team" about it this morning, letting everyone know that they terminated him. I missed the first one, but Amy told me about it privately (although I already knew because my spy Anna was in here early and basically witnessed it). I'm glad that they told everyone, even though its probably kind of unusual and awkward. But what with the layoffs, it could have induced widespread panic.

Oh man, Veronica needs to get a clue. I just heard the second "so-and-so has been terminated" meeting. Amy's all serious, lets them know if they have any questions to please ask her and then Veronica is all bright and cheery with "Have a great day everyone!"

What an a-hole.

And no we are not speaking yet.

The silence is nice.

Thursday! Two more sleeps until I move! And its weekend!


  1. ahahhaha that sex change convo... did you see me throwing out my steak lunch? i lost my appetite completely after that girl started blabbin away....note to some people: learn when to STFU maybe???

  2. Oh yay....TMI co-workers. Why do people feel the need to share every piece of themselves with EVERYONE.

    My no-worker, co-worker often throws out stories assuming we know everyone involved. And as often as she shares we probably should, but we just tune her out.