Monday, July 26, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect?

Question: Who goes on a job interview for a job they don't even want?

Answer: me.

Sorry about the late post today guys. A nice surprise for your 3 o'clock wall then (you know that time of day when you have lost all ability to focus and you need something to kill at least 5 minutes before you can go on with your afternoon? Exactly).

Job interview. Yup, this morning I went on an interview for a job I don't want.

I don't know how I always get myself into these situations--part of my charm I suppose.

The kicker? The job is working for the company that sold me last summer. It would be like going backwards. But a very good friend of mine said that they were looking for someone and I was so caught off guard and bewildered (it was an Amy-less Friday after all) that before I knew it I was making an appointment to meet with them first thing Monday morning.

Monday morning as in my day off (personal day- moving).

So on top of all the stresses of moving (like not knowing where anything is) I now needed to worry about interview attire and answering interview questions. I mean, I'm amazing at interviews, my track record is like 100% (meaning:I get an interview, you hire me), but its still added stress.

Moving? Turned out to not be stressful at all. I came home Friday to an empty apartment. The Boyfriend had moved everything by himself. Superhero award much? (He wanted to go to the track and gamble--as did I. I love betting on the ponies) The moving turned out a lot better than I thought. But not well enough to avoid a little closet melt down last night. I thought that I had an interview outfit planned out in my head, forgetting that the dress in question makes my boobs look square. Seriously, square. And uni-boobed. You know what's not attractive? A square uni-boob. So at the 11th hour, after a full day of unpacking and sweating and hanging things and bruising, I needed to have the presence of mind to choose a non-square-uni-boob-like outfit.

Mission accomplished but probably only because I didn't really care about getting the job (this interview will totally mess up my stats).

So I arrived early (like I do for everything) met with the interviewers (both of whom were really, really nice and almost made me want to work with them), went through the interview rigamarole (Can you think of a specific situation in which you had a conflict with a co-worker? much time do we have?), and was done in a half hour. I don't know what that says about me.

I already told you the job was with the company that sold us last summer. Want to hear the best part? The department is working on a project to get rid of things like micromanaging, and working towards creating more clearly defined roles and boundaries. All the things that I complain about on this blog? They are addressing. The not knowing who to talk to when stuff goes wrong, the unnecessarily long approval processes that make it impossible to get things done, the too-many-chiefs-not-enough-indians problems...all of the corporate bulsh*t they are looking to get rid of.

Which I am loving. In a small way I feel responsible.

In many ways, I am too perfect for the job. But in so many others I know its not the job for me. I guess I just chalk it up to a practice interview, something to shake off the nerves, warm up for the real interviews. I have one with a recruiter tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


  1. OK, I am going to have to make a voodoo doll for you or something because 100% success rate makes me cry in my morning (root) beer.

  2. Don't worry, it can't last. I'm not qualified to do anything awesome. And now I want to do something awesome.

  3. When I interviewed for the job I have now... I didnt want it. But then changed my mind (possibly... because they said they would pay me... which was better than the non-paid alternative).

    And who gets 100% of the jobs they interview with you? Are you batman? Because last I checked, I was batman. I applied to over 20 jobs from June to July and I DIDNT EVEN GET A SINGLE INTERVIEW. The fuck is that?

  4. I said jobs that I interview for, not jobs that I apply for. I've applied for jobs and not gotten interviews, but if I get the interview, I get hired.

    Like I said, its bound to change now that I will be faced with the prospect of unemployment.