Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Bought More Books

I got my ipod back yesterday. The battery was completely dead, but I got it back. I charged it last night and today its good as new. Sure its already frustrated me several times by playing Christmas music. And there seems to be a little too much Shaggy on it...but I have it back and thats all that matters.

All is right with the Universe.

More or less.

But now that Veronica is back and my ipod has been returned I am at a loss as to what I'm supposed to write about today.

So this probably means that what follows is a random collection of thoughts as I think them.

I'm not alone in my inability to think clear thoughts today. Anna has been at work for hours already and she's bored. So she's been looking into "This Day in History" kind of stuff. Bruce Lee died today in 1973. BC joined Confederation on this day in 1871. And of course July 20th was the day that Operation Valkyrie tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944. Did you see Valkyrie? With Tom Cruise? Don't judge it based on Tom Cruise, its actually pretty good. There's also a documentary about it thats amazing. Its really sad but worth checking out.

I had an overwhelming urge to buy books yesterday. I've been really good. Like really good about not buying books because we just bought an apartment (*sqealing noises!!*) and books are heavy to move. But yesterday I just couldn't hold out anymore. I made a deal with The Boyfriend- I had to get rid of half my Vogue magazines (they are art) but I could buy new books. It crushed me to have to do it- I love my Vogues. But my love of books won out.

I came out with So Much For That which promises to be very depressing- but its for a book club that my friend is starting. And this means I can cross "Join Book Club" off the bucket list. Not that I really have an official bucket list. Nonetheless, thats one less thing to do when I start one.

Don't judge my next selections. They are replacements. Harry Potters 5 and 6. I used to have them. But then my little brother and sisters read them, and the books became theirs. So replacements were required. Must re-read before the movie comes out in the fall (yes Anna, the fall, not 2 weeks from now like you had me believing in the lunchroom yesterday).

Finally, I was torn between Furious Love (about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton) and a Coco Chanel biography so I did the only thing I could and went with the paperback. I will come back to Furious Love. There is no way I am not reading that.

Clearly the office is being boring. I blame this 100% on the fact that we know we only have a certain amount of days left (72). Have you ever worked in an office where you know you are being let go? Did you also already hate your job? Because thats whats happening here. We pretty well all already don't like it here. Knowing that we only have to put up with this, that we only need to hang on, do the minimum to get the severance, means that we spend a lot of our days bored out of our minds.

The boredom is complicated by the fact that we are not actually allowed to talk to each other, or look like we are having any kind of fun. So we sit and read about the Seven Wonders of the World, or German Shepherds, This Day in History, or famous dead people. Wikipedia becomes your friend, Google your ally. You hope for mind blowing news (thank you Mel and Lindsay), because it will give you something to think about besides the monotonous existence you currently find yourself in.

Also, someone just handed out Riesens. Is it too early to eat it now? Maybe this morning won't suck after all.


  1. you should name your german shepherd Claus Von Stauffenberg...you can call him Valkyrie for short...don't you dutch people always give nicknames to people that are totally unrelated to the actual name?

    also, don't be hatin' on Lindsay, she can't help it that she's popular

  2. Screw Claus Von Stauffenberb, bring back Adolf! I think it would be the perfect name. If only the boyfriend had blonde hair as well...

    As for being bored as hell I agree. I'm reading about canning. Seems simple enough.

  3. Um, you are joining a book club? Where? How? (Can you tell that I have been looking for a book club for a while and haven't found one?)

  4. Anna- like we haven't thought of that before.

    Marshall- I just dont like the idea of going to the dog park and yelling for Adolf. I am blonde...it won't look good. As for canning...is this something you're going to try?

    VEG: This is how it happened. My friend texted me and asked if I wanted to be in a book club that she has decided to form. I said yes. Otherwise I would have started my own. You should start your own.