Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Randomousity (Is Too A Word)

Today is Tuesday and I can't type to save my life. Seriously. Problems. At least its Tuesday right? If it were Monday I don't think that I could cope. The boredom. Guys, the boredom is crushing.

On the bus today, I didn't even read. I couldn't. Knowing I was on my way to work, I got bored, lost my focus, starerd into space like all the other office drones on public transit.

Such a slap in the face to J.K. Rowling.

A positive side effect of the boredom: I'm much happier.

I don't think that this actually has anything to do with the boredom. More likely its the fact that I know this will all end, will all go away, will cease and desist in...65 days. That's including weekends and holidays you guys. Sixty-five more days of hanging my head in shame when I tell people where I work and then I can hold my head up high and tell people that I am currently "in between jobs".

I can't wait.

In the meantime, did you hear about Koreatown?? Apparently they are working on a Jersey Shore-esque show...but about Asians. They already have a "The Situ-asian". I know, I love it too. I texted Gloria about it last night, told her she should move to LA to represent. I wish that I had held onto this information until I could actually see her reaction though. It would have been so entertaining. You just don't get the same emotion from texts.

Also, there seems to be a hickey epidemic spreading through my office. Fine, epidemic might be kind of a strong word. But last week there was one (pointed out by Veronica, subtle and tactful as ever) and now today there is another. On 2 different girls. The first was a joke. The 2nd...not so much. The 2nd one is also on a 35+ year old woman. Gross.

I just had my first conversation with Veronica since her return. About...non-scented shampoos and deoderant. See she went to South Africa (what? I never mentioned that? Probably because she was so low-key about the whole thing) and in order not to get malaria she was all over the non-scented products.

I have mentioned in the past that I am a mosquito magnet. If I am around and there are mosquitos you will not get bit. I'm like the sacrificial lamb. The Boyfriend's mother actually called the other day and said I needed to go up there asap (I was all flattered thinking they must miss my awesomeness) because the mosquitos were getting out of hand and when I'm around no one else seems to get bit.


We're going up there next week and as much as I want to take the heat off everyone else, I don't. So I thought maybe Veronica could give me some mosquito-avoidance tips.

Predictably she wasn't that much help. But at least we got that first conversation out of the way. And it wasn't about South Africa. It was on my terms. About bugs.

Veronica 0. Me 1.

I was planning on being open and honest with Amy about my interview today (I did post yesterday...scroll down if you didn't catch it. Its awesome), let her know that I had an appointment (no other way to explain why I was going for lunch at 11) and if she asked what about I would let her know.

But then when she asked if it was about my new apartment, I said yes. The look on her face scared me. Plus apparently someone else quit yesterday, so that can't have put her in a good mood. I didn't want to add to that by saying I was going to see a rectruiter to see if she could find me a shiny new job that didn't suck.

Hopefully the interview goes well today. I on make up. On my face. So this better work out.


  1. Oh hickeys so skeeve me out. High school is OVER people. Learn to kiss properly. I mean, sheesh, why don't you just pee on each other to leave your "this bitch is mine" mark instead.

    (old lady rant over now :)

    And the boredom is the first sign of the dog days of summer I think. I actually googled "bored at work" yesterday. Classic.

  2. good luck with finding a non-sucking, shiny job.

    and i'm with VEG - hickeys are gross.

  3. Um...I just re-read what I posted earlier and an apology is in order. I'm sorry that I can't type today, please don't let it take away from your enjoyment of today's post.

    VEG: I agree about the hickeys. The first one WAS a joke though. Also, you're probably right about the boredom/summer correlation.

  4. ...although I've been for a big revenge...a hickey on his forehead, which didn't pan out that well.

  5. I think the hickey epidemic is amusing. Who gets a hickey as an adult?! Haha. Classy.

    P.S. Randomosity is a word, but we Americans leave out the 'o'... or, maybe that's just me.

  6. Whoa whoa... what kind of GIRL gets a hickey? We are supposed to be giving them not getting them. Geez ladies, way to make our entire gender look bad.

  7. I'm glad we all focused on the hickeys...

    While I agree generally only teenagers are really going to get away with the hickeys, I'm going to have to disagree with you Kacey about only guys having hickeys. Maybe its a west coast thing but I only ever remember girls getting them? Maybe I hung around with whores? I really don't think so though.

    Breenuh- Canada loves U. We feel like on U's make things more awesome.

    Gloria- don't worry, we know it was a joke.