Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Waiting Game

I'm coming to you (sort of) live from my apartment today. Not the shiny new one, the crappy old cave-like one I've been forced to live in for 2 years, but even a cave-like home beats the Cubicle I should be sitting in.

We are actually waiting to get the keys this morning which is why I didn't go to work. The whole apartment-buying process went so smoothly that if this is the only hiccup we encounter, I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to complain. Basically the sellers waited to empty their apartment until this week, were still in there late last night cleaning (have I mentioned that we live across the street from our new place and can see it from our balcony?) and this morning they are getting someone in to fix the stuff that we need fixed as per the contract.

This morning.


Anyway, I found this out at about 2.30 yesterday. So I had to ask Amy if I could start later or take the day off. I felt bad because it was last minute and I had already asked to work an adjusted schedule that started at 6 (she had already loaded me up with work for the morning) and now I was effectively bailing.

Amy must be getting laid or something because she told me to just take the day off, that I have lots of vacation days and it wasn't a big deal.

I know.

Lest I leave you hanging on the ipod Bandit front, here is what happened.

I spent a good chunk of the morning mulling over all your words of wisdom, actually walked up to her a couple of times before turning back to my own desk. Finally Gloria emailed me telling me to just f*cking do it already. So I did.

The ipod Bandit glared at me (looked up innocently) and in a growly voice asked me what the hell I wanted (brightly said "Hey! What's up!") so I nervously asked about my ipod (that part's true, I felt really awkward).

An evil little smirk crossed her face (she blanched), gave a little chuckle (a nervous chuckle) and said my ipod was gone ("omg can I tell you something? I was charging it and left it at home!").

I was completely deflated. After Gloria had told me that she is the a-hole for keeping my ipod for 3 weeks I was now confronted with a truly contrite ipod Bandit. Then she carried on by telling me that she knows she kept it for a long time but she just loved my music, such a good mix of everything.

Since I'm often mocked for my "taste" in music (books I'm flawless, music...I have a Miley Cyrus song...) this was refreshing and I was quick to forgive her for keeping my ipod for 3 weeks while I drained my iphone battery every day.

Of course, if she does bring it in today I won't be there. So. It will probably be 4 weeks before I get it back.

Not a success then. But at least she was charging it. That was decent of her. I mean, there's no way the battery would last for 3 weeks but at least she was sort of taking care of it.

Did I mention that the fridge in our old place needed to be fixed today? Of all days, today it needs to be fixed. Guess who was supposed to be here at 8.30. Guess who we're still waiting for.

I hate waiting for people. I feel like I'm always waiting for someone. If you take away one thing from this blog today, please let it be "punctuality is important".

I'm off. Shiny new apartment awaits.

Yay apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. first things first...your taste in books and music...if i were to comparr the two, it's like comparing me eating perfectly-cooked, steaming-hot rice, to my poo after drinking a glass of milk. (I am lactose intolerant). as far as the Deuce goes (that's the nickname i give her...she is my cubicle "buddy" and every morning she talks about how she didnt drop a deuce this morning....I know.) i will not bite my tongue on monday if she doesn't bring yours back. i shit you not. the Deuce will eat her own u like me now...

  2. Congrats on your new apartment!! Very happy for you! Can't wait to be invited over.

  3. Aw its so sweet you think its nice she´s taking care of your ipod by charging it... she´s charging it so that she can use it again and again :P

    (I like poo music as well)

    amazing about your new appartment!!

    also, i read this really poo article, and it made me think of amy, and how she probably would have written about her travels in SA (and I don´t even really know her).

    congratulations on your new appartment!! and some day i´ll tell you how it is to be dutch in madrid and lose the world cup and travel in the metro and have everybody in the coupe sing to you. at the moment i´m still traumatized.

  4. Yay for silly music tastes. (I'm a bit ridiculous on that front as well.) Bummer that you didn't get your iPod back. I feel like I'd be so mortified if I kept someone's iPod that long, but I guess not everyone can be like me?

    If you continue to have a hard time getting it back, you can offer to bring her a memory stick of your music. (I know she doesn't deserve it, but it might recover your beloved possession. Plus, being nice feels good, even when it means backing down from iPod sheriff duty.)

    Congrats on the new apartment! Can't wait to hear all about it! Good luck with the move.