Friday, July 23, 2010

Lonely Friday

When you hate your job (a la me) you have to come up with a bunch of non-work related reasons to come to work. Every day this is a battle because inevitably every day starts out with some variation on I really don't want to go to work today. And then you have to talk yourself into going anyway.

So did you click on it and see all the reasons I have for coming to work? Ok, think of those, picture them in your head and now, picture me today with none of those things. Well I still have number one --self preservation is always a consideration-- and if you are reading this then I have number five as well.

But I miss my peeps.

Anna, having taken all of her allotted vacation days already (the Olympics were worth it), has decided to be sick today. Its for a good cause: wine drinking and sunshine. I think we can all get behind that. What we can't all get behind, what we can't excuse (yes I'm including you in my self righteousness) is her leaving me behind to suffer alone. B*tch.

The Record is away being all active and stuff. She plays on a softball team and they are all good and are away competing (and kicking a$$ no doubt) at provincials. Which is really exciting, lots of fun and will probably culminate in a gaggle of girls drunk, clutching a trophy, making new friends as they weave in and out of capital city bars. But it leaves me alone on a Friday, with no email hussy to distract me.

I have nothing planned for after work. Social life has kind of taken a dive the past 2 weeks what with the moving and such. Turns out that moving takes a lot of time and hard work and you don't really have time for other stuff. Not to mention that you are so completely exhausted that even if you had the time, you would probably use it to sleep instead of choosing to put yourself in a social situation in which you would have to use words to form sentences out loud.

Gloria is here today but despite her South Korea fandom, her potty mouth and squawky laugh, she does actually work kind of hard. So I can't keep her from that and pull her over to the dark side (meaning doing the bare minimum). Also, she spends at least some of her time looking for a new job. Temps are out by August 31st. Of course they are.

So to Anna (and Marshall since he sometimes entertains me with emails and he has gone with Anna) and the Record, I say: I hope it rains.

It is Friday and I do move tomorrow, both of which are good things. But Veronica is in charge today. Which is bad. Amy has been really nice to me for 2 weeks and without her protection I fear Veronica's management "skills". She's extra pissy this week after having been told that she would actually have to go through the process of applying for a position with the company just like everybody else. So now that she has to earn a job, she's really stepping it up. And by stepping it up I mean wearing flip flops, showing the top of her bra and being a little b*tch to everyone.

Yesterday before she left Amy told me what she wanted me to do. This is not the same thing as what Veronica just assigned me to do. Being the a-hole that I am I can't help pointing this out to Veronica, the new Veronica that is trying her hardest to show everyone that she is management material (she isn't). The new Veronica isn't impressed. She strong arms me. I don't really care what I spend my day doing, its pretty all the same sh*t. I just don't care to be told on Tuesday (when I return) that I didn't do what I was supposed to. Veronica's solution? Make me do everything- the things that she wants done and the stuff I'm supposed to do according to Amy.

Because the day magically extended by 8 hours and now I have all this time to fill.

It could be worse I suppose. I could be Nathan, who sprained his ankle on the way to work. Apparently he fell in the street, stayed down for a bit and no one came over to see if he was OK. I didn't want to point out that maybe it was because he was dressed like a hobo, he was already in pain.

Friday kids! Let's get 'er done! And by "get 'er done" I mean drink.


  1. Ah, well it didn't rain... but I sure did miss you! And I appreciated your somewhat accurate account of how my weekend was going to turn out :)