Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My morning started off with a discussion about the merits of a Kit-Kat cereal.

Its going to be one of those days. Fingers crossed.

Are we even sure that they don't already have a Kit-Kat cereal? Seems like something they would already have done no?

A nice thing happened to me the other day. It started by me doing a nice thing. A nice thing that had nothing to do with any electronic devices I own. Nathan had seen The Lion King the weekend before I went and his girlfriend had her eye on a Lion King towel but didn't buy it. So then she's all regretting it, lamenting the fact that she doesn't have this perfect beach towel for our lovely beach weather. When Nathan heard that I was going he asked if I wouldn't mind picking up a towel for him.

So being the awesome co-worker that I am, I did.

When I triumphantly returned to the office, towel in hand expecting him to fall at my feet in gratitude I was met with a decidedly flat reception.

I think I just stunned him- maybe he didn't think that I would actually do it. I was kind of disappointed. If you knew what it had been like standing at that merchandise counter, getting pushed aside by older women gunning for t-shirts and stuffed would be disappointed to not get a thank you too.

But I said that this was a good story.

The next morning there was an email waiting for me. A very nice thank you email. That included the offer to buy me lunch for doing that for him. Which was completely unnecessary because I'm happy to help people out. The thank you was really more than enough.

So there you have it. A "maybe people aren't complete a-holes" story for you on a Hump Day. I did say maybe though. I'm still not 100% convinced about it.

Yesterday afternoon I got to sit at my desk while Amy got laughed at for being a hoarder. She does have a lot of stuff on her desk- apparently she collects chocolate boxes. As in, the boxes that chocolates come in. Classic hoarder sign yes? Well I would still never bring it up with her. Mostly because we don't have that kind of relationship. But it was still fun to watch. Yeah, there's really not a lot more to this story, except that at the time I thought to myself yes, I will mention this in tomorrow's post and it will be hilarious.

Also, the person doing the laughing promised me to angle for a more casual dress code for the remainder of our time here since they are effectively firing most of us. Seriously, the accounting and IT departments (all 3 people) get to wear jeans whenever they want to, while the rest of us get dress code reminder emails. Last time I checked we all still worked for the same company...

If you are in the market for some more irritating corporate jargon, I might be able to help you out. Excellent examples no? I especially like the part where Ally comes up with solutions to these corporatespeak viruses. In general Ally is hilarious so if you don't follow her now and you end up following her, you're welcome.

Finally, today is Veronica's 3rd day back and I have yet to speak to her. She hasn't spoken to me, so I have elected to return the favour. I guess its my bad- I didn't fawn all over her trip enough. Because I actually don't care. I did hear that she went to at least one Holland game though. The semi-final. When they won. But she didn't care to keep the magic alive by going to the final. In summary- its Veronica's fault that Holland lost the World Cup.

Its so going on my list.

This a short post and I'm torn between adding to it and just leaving it here. If I add to it there is a good chance that it will be with the kind of stuff that no one cares to read (like this right here). But if I don't add to it, it will be short, a permanent eyesore out there on the internets, a flashing sign of my incompetence on this particular morning.

Meh, why mess with it? Most mornings are like this.


  1. she collects.... chocolate....boxes? Hoarding and perhaps a sociopath in training?

  2. To be fair, she did share some of her chocolate with me yesterday. But I was also warned not to ruin the box. The chocolate was still worth it.