Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goes Together Like Chicken and NKOTB

My interview yesterday went really well, thank you for asking.

It wasn't really an interview though was it? It was a meeting with someone that will help me look for a job and send me on interviews.

But it went well and I was really excited leaving her office because I actually felt like she understood what I was looking for and seemed confident that she would be able to find it for me. Plus her office had the most amazing views. I liked being there. It was all properly air conditioned too. And they had an aquarium!

Then it was back to reality. And by reality I mean this office, a really warped sense of reality. And messed up feet.

You know what's not a great idea? Walking 3 city blocks in new shoes. And then walking 3 more city blocks back in the same shoes. In summer heat. The silver lining is that today I have no choice but to wear flip flops (I'm missing a few layers of skin on my heel), despite the fact that I am in serious need of a pedicure. You have never seen feet more in need of some pedicure love.

But I have no shame.

So I parade them around in flip flops.

Nathan is singing If I Had a Million Dollars...he followed it up with "I really do want to win a million dollars though" Most original thought award right? Like the millions of people that religiously buy lottery tickets every week don't really want to win. They just like the ritual.

Don't worry, there's more.

Apparently money: you can't live with it, you can't live without it. But that might just be women? Or chicken.

Chicken. I'm just wondering what exactly chicken has done to make him want to live without it. Chicken is delicious. It goes with everything, its low in fat, you can get a whole box of it from M&M Meatshop. You can't go wrong with chicken, but Nathan wants to contemplate a life without it.

Yup, the whole morning is a write off. We have some New Kids on the Block going on now courtesy of Nathan's vocal stylings. Amy is all over this. She just admitted to having a NKOTB fanny pack. That she still has because she knows that "one day it will be worth a lot of money." I don't want to be the one to take that away from her but I feel like the NKOTB merchandise was fairly mass produced...Also apparently her whole room, ceiling included, was plastered in the likenesses of Joey and company. I preferred Leonardo I can get behind the concept. NKOTB just never did it for me.

One final thing I just overheard in the office (keep in mind that its only 9am right now): It tasted better once it exploded.

I'm not making this up you guys. I couldn't make this up. Now that we all know we're getting fired, no one cares. And its pretty amusing to witness.

I leave you today with a quote from my quote-a-day calendar: If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning ~ Catherine Aird

PS Nathan just now: "I don't like these pants anymore"

Just one of those days. Perhaps there is a storm coming...

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  1. You should mention to Nathan chicken is not actually that low in fat; it's just low compared to other common meats.

    And I support the NKOTB fanny pack. Not that I was ever into them (I think I'm slightly too young), but I'm always supportive of early 90s accessories.

    P.S. I just did a quick google, & they're definitely still around. Did you know about this? You can go on a cruise with them... (