Friday, July 30, 2010

Perspective is Overrated

Two posts in one day. You know what this means. Something extraordinary.

If you haven't read the first post yet, please scroll down and come back. It will be way more fun to read about the serene state of mind I was in this morning and then come back to read the bile that I'm about to spew into the blogosphere after.

That 9am meeting wasn't to officially tell all of us about the Temp situation like I originally thought. It was to tell us that there isn't enough work and we will actually be laid off effective August 13th, not September 30th.

This is exactly the reason why I am a pessimist. When you get caught up in all the good things, when you tell yourself that things will work out, when you have a plan in place to deal with the eventualities of September 30th, yuo invariably get f*cked. The best laid plans and all that. Something about life messing up plans.

The Universe doesn't like plans. It likes to mess with plans.

So do the people I work for.

The work ran out? The work ran out? After you spent weeks cracking the whip, telling us we needed to work harder and faster? That there was lots to do, the work just ran out? Thanks for all our hard work? Our hard work, at your hands, is the reason we are now moving up our exits.

I'm really confused you guys. I have no idea how to feel about this. I looked it up and they are totally within their rights to do what they did. I'm only entitled to 2 weeks' notice anyway and if they run out of work like they have, then they are totally allowed to change the "termination" date. FYI I really don't like that word, termination.

On the one hand, I'm thrilled that I don't have to wait until the end of September to walk away from this place forever. I at least have some kind of heads up, as opposed to the unfortunate Temps. On the other though, I had a plan that revolved around September 30th. I counted on regular income until then, and then counted on severance coming in. I haven't been unemployed in years. I just got a mortgage. So yeah, I'm a little bit terrified.

And can we also please talk about how they handled this? First thing on a Friday morning they tell us? On the Friday of a long weekend? Really? An excellent way to ruin my weekend since I am of the obsessive personality. Now everything I do all weekend is going to come back to this moment, will be tainted with what I feel right now.

Would be great if my hands would stop shaking too. I can feel that a migraine will most likely join me later today. Am bewildered. Bewildered is a good word for what I feel right now. I'm one of those people that stress like this manifests itself in physically. I need to leave this office. I can't get anything done today.

I need someone to talk me down.


  1. I think taking the rest of the day sick is completely within your rights. You still get sick days until "termination," right? I find that mental health days help everything. Take the ruined three-day weekend, and make it a three-and-a-half-day weekend. And refuse to think about work. Easier said than done, I know. You WILL get through this. And I'm a pessimist too. But it WILL get better.

    Heartless bastards.

  2. I had some big anti-capitalist rant written but decided again it. I just wanted to say this is BS and people should really start viewing corporations and big business in their true light and that's a very poor picture. Their complete lack of moral value is disgusting and we've all been brain washed in to believing it is the best possible system when it is probably one of the worse.

  3. I hear you're no longer in the office after the pizza party today. Something happen?

  4. Anna Da Gold DiggaJuly 30, 2010 at 4:27 PM

    bored, i would like to write you a letter since you are always writing letters to people.

    Dear Bored,

    As much as I find working at the cubicle to be the worst job i've had (and I did telemarketing), I'm glad I was sent there as I met you. I enjoyed your mature advice though it was usually followed by "your mom". I will miss our puppy talks (pablo escobar will have to make one last comeback before we are done). I will also miss the comments about me having bruises on my knees. Or making you laugh when I saw how I hate to spit things out. I will miss the "look" we would give eachother when we wanted our faces blown off due to the "veronicaisms".

    At least this didn't happen before the closing of your mortgage.

    C'mon! Always look on the briiiiight side life! Do-do, do-do, do-do, do-do...

    No? Too early for Monty Python?

    I guess you haven't been exposed to my optimism so much since I started school, you probably miss it.

    I think the hardest part of this whole situation is that it's like pulling off a band-aid. We know this is for the better, God knows it is, but it still hurts to have it pulled off you so hard and fast.

    At least now I'll know you only through our personal lives so I won't be thrown off and think I've called the wrong number when I call you.

    I hope you don't settle for second best on your next job.

    Anna Da Gold Digga

  5. Gloria the Glory Hole?July 30, 2010 at 7:10 PM

    I agree with Anna completely. You're THE classic example of how few (and i mean, VERY few) people from work is too smart to be there. your jokes, your mannerism, your knowledge 'bout everything and i mean everything....they'll never understand you because they don't deserve you. I'm actually excited that all of us are getting "laid off" aka go-f*ck-yourselves. the place was a shithole anyway. love you.

    love. the potty mouth.