Thursday, June 17, 2010


So yesterday and the day before I accidentally did too much work. This happens sometimes- I listen to my music and all of a sudden I've done everything on my desk and then some.

But this time its kind of a catastrophe.

Remember how I got moved last week? The last thing I need is for Amy to think that she made the right decision moving me here, that my productivity has gone up because she has her eye on me.

I thought that I had solved the problem the first day. I would just take 20 of the things that I had finished and put it on the bottom of the pile that I still needed to do. Instead of having done over 100 I would now have a respectable 88, pretty normal. Then yesterday I would make sure to go slow and add the 20 to that day's work.

Clever right?

Wrong. The work I have right now? Not so challenging. I did way too many again (Amy also ended up giving me more, which I didn't see coming). So I removed 15 this time, which I will add to today's work. I really have to pace myself though.

I have another one for you from the weirdness files. So Nathan, of the douche-y-inside-hat-wearing fame, is now sitting on the other side of the cubicle wall from me. He can be fairly amusing a lot of the time, but other times he's just plain weird. Also, I think he insinuated that I was fat yesterday? Maybe? Anyway, all day long people kept stopping by his desk asking if he had hurt his back. I had no idea why everyone was asking this until I got up and went to see him.

He was standing at his desk. All day long he was standing at his desk. You may be asking yourself how he hurt his back. He didn't. He had read an article that said you burn more calories standing, than sitting. So he stood. All day.

For those of you that have been with the blog for a while, yes, Maurice is no longer my cubicle buddy. I fear that there will be a famine of Maurice-related stories. Although he does sit with his back to people now so sometimes I run over there and try and scare him. Haven't succeeded yet. He has nerves of steel. Didn't see that from him.

I seem to have made a new work friend. This was totally accidental but it seems to have happened and I'm not sure what to do with it. He has been here forever, and one time he bent over at my desk and I was scarred for life. But apparently we have bonded over the World Cup and now every time he walks by my desk (I face the passage way now, which means making eye contact with people all day long. Its exhausting) he gives me this creepy little half smile. I think I'm just going to go with it. I don't want to get shot one day when he's had enough.

Finally, I'm not sure what happened on the bus this morning but Mr Bus-driver-man totally missed my stop, even though the signal had been pulled and half the bus was standing by the doors to get out. Normally the little bit of an extra walk wouldn't have bothered me, but I still don't have a spring jacket and its still flipping cold here so by the time I got to the office I was a Bored@Work-sicle. Mr Bus-driver-man? Tomorrow do you think we could get off at the right stop? Please? I just bought an apartment and have no money for frivolities like coats.

OH I lied! THIS is the final thought. Because I am a Facebook-a$$hole and didn't check VIP birthdays recently I would like to send out a very hearty, very special, belated birthday greeting to Angela! I'm sorry I missed it, hope that your day was spectacular and that you can forgive me.

Thursday peoples! One more day to get through (you know, after today).


  1. Haha no worries, I was on a canary island, la palma to be exact, whilst celebrating my birthday. you'd think that there would be internet access all over the world, but there isn't, and so I've had me quite the internet-free days- i'm officially celebrating today, so yay you're on time. but seeing as its my birthday, i'd like to file a request. I want more oversharer stories!!
    friday - almost there!

  2. *whisper* i think nathan thinks he's actually funny