Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Work Dreams Suck

Right before I woke up I had a dream that work was cancelled for a week. Initially I was annoyed because they didn't give us any heads up but then I realized that it was a free week off work and so I was good.

But then I woke up and realized that it was just a really cruel dream and I had to get up and get ready. For work.

Not a good start.

How can we interpret this dream? An unexpected vacation from work? Does that mean that I am going to get some time away from here? Will the department fold unexpectedly early? Send me your thoughts, I like to interpret dreams!

Because I woke up so early yesterday and deprived my body of essential sleep, after a night of regular sleep, I feel...rested. Which is a very weird feeling for me these days.

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff.

Veronica. I know that you are all dying to know if she got to South Africa safely. I am happy to report that she has. How do I know this? Because she called the office yesterday to let Amy know. Since I sit beside Amy I can pretty well hear everything that goes on around Amy and since she is the department manager...well I should be privy to some interesting info in the near future.

So Veronica called from her hotel in South Africa to let her boss/best friend know that she had arrived in one piece. And she was so loud I could practically hear her from here. I take a little comfort from the fact that that call probably cost her about $60. At least. And I'm sure she doesn't realize that since she's not exactly well-traveled. Can we talk about the fact that this girl needs to get a life away from work? Who calls their place of employment to check in when they are on vacation?! This is a girl that forced her friends to hold two going away parties before her trip, but she can't let go of work for even a day. I'm pretty sure she emailed Amy an update as well. I sure hope we all get to read it.

I can see that Amy is completing her work survey right now. And strongly agreeing with everyting. Of course she is- she has nothing to complain about. She can do whatever she wants.

Without Veronica, Amy needs a hand to wrangle all of us so she has appointed a substitute supervisor. Remember how you used to treat substitute teachers? I'm thinking along those lines for the Stand-In. He gets no name because he is being a little b*tch. Normally he's a decent guy but clearly the power has gone to his head and he is already demanding explanations for violations like talking. We are supposed to copy him on our production report email at the end of the day (yes, we do have to write down everything we did in a day and then report it) but I have no intention of doing so, mostly because the Stand-In has less seniority than me but his sister is best friends with Amy.

See how this place works?

Finally, I overheard that Amy is supposed to be going to a Manager's meeting on Thursday. But she won't because it would take her out of the office and "Veronica isn't here". So even though we're all employed adults, we can't be trusted in the care of our Sub. I guess she thinks we will burn the place down.

I guess she's not really that far off is she?

Oh one more thing. I wanted to thank Marshall for the vanilla bean tea. I was a traitor this morning and ran back to Starbucks but I will definitely try it tomorrow morning and hope that it will transport me to another place, filled with vanilla-y goodness.

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  1. I used to work at a bar called "The Moose" and we called them Moosemares. Work dreams are the absolute worst. Ever. PERIOD.