Monday, June 21, 2010

I Should Stop Saying 'You Know' So Much

Today is Midsummer in Sweden. Which means that my Swede (yes, I have a Swede, everyone should have one. Although they do need a lot of exercise and have an insatiable thirst for vodka-like things) will be participating in all kinds of pagan rituals and drinking til she falls down.

Actually just got a text from her. Apparently even the Swedes don't do Mondays and their celebrations have been put off until later in the week. Swedes are smart like that.

You know where its hard to believe that its summer? Here. Its really cold outside. Like 13 degrees (Celsius. I don't do farenheit. I don't get it) cold. Its official Vancouver. We are going to have a shite summer. But we'll sleep so well (you know because we aren't suffocatig in the sweltering heat?). I guess its a fairly OK trade off. Except that I would really like some patio weather. For the drinking.

It's eerily quiet in here this morning. Like some of us thought it was Monday but it actually isn't? Or everyone else got some kind of really nasty illness and we are the only ones that survived?

Dare to dream.

You know what's really unpleasant to come to work to? Besides the fact that its Monday. Obviously. Its really unpleasant to come to work to be greeted by the smell of rot. Apparently the power went out here this weekend and all the food that was left in the fridge (and people here? Leave a lot of food in the fridge) rotted. And it SMELLS bad. So bad that I don't even know how I am going to make it in there for the time it takes to make a cup of tea. And I need my tea. Its Monday.

I did it. I survived. Now I have tea. Remember 2 paragraphs up when I said that I dreamed that Amy wouldn't be in today because she was busy dying at home? Dreams don't come true.

I'm surprisingly chipper for a Monday morning actually. I wonder what's wrong with me? Maybe I'm the one that's dying. My symptoms: no overwhelming urge to cause anyone here bodily harm. No caustic wit spewing from my mouth. I'm pleasant. The beginnings of a sore throat. I made a concerted effort to make nice with Amy.

How long do you think I have to live?

I didn't want to come to work this morning though so that's normal. But The Boyfriend (sleeping soundly, snuggled warmly in bed) reminded me that its only a 4 day week. I can do that right? Four days? That's right kidlets, I'm taking Friday off. Don't worry, I will arrange something for you to read while you are slaving away in your own cubicle prisons.

So you know how there was a power outage here this weekend? I have a couple of complaints on that head. First- apparently the power outage started about 6pm on Friday to which I say: Really?!?! There was no way to ensure that the power went out while I was still working? I haven't suffered enough? And then to turn it back on literally as I'm getting to work on a Monday? Not cool Power people, not cool. Secondly- there was a power outage this weekend, did you hear? Yeah, all the food in the fridge rotted, did you throw yours out? We got new cream and milk though. Did you hear that the power went out though?

The power went out. There's a note on the fridge, we all got the email, let's move on shall we? We don't need to individually notify each person that walks in the door. Chances are they heard about it.

One positive that's come out of this power outage kerfuffle (man I love a chance to use the word kerfuffle) I feel a little more cranky. Which means that all is right with the Universe.

Although I seriously would have loved an extension of this power outage. And they better not throw out my lunch now.

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  1. why can't power outages ever happen during the work day?

    by the the word kerfuffle. i had to look it up, but now that i know what it means i'm going to use it as often as possible.