Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Inspiring Ending

You guys? Today? The words are not gelllin'. I started going on about how last night I was unsupervised (The Boyfriend was at work) and decided to watch Toddlers & Tiaras. But then I was ashamed of myself so I tried to write another fairy tale. And that didn't go well at all.

So now I'm just left with the option of rambling on about nothing. Admittedly I'm good at this, I did spend 4 plus years in university doing just that, but it feels like such a cop out.

The Cubicle has not been all that inspiring this week. There were some bright spots, like when the Oddball presented me with that gem of a conversation. But since the return of Amy, all creativity, laughter and joy has been effectively quashed. Its hard to believe that it was only Monday that was John's last day. Honestly I feel like that was a lifetime ago. The joy that I felt that day, followed up with the freedom of the employment survey...all those good feelings have completely disappeared and been replaced by anger, disgust and despair.

I can feel my bullsh*t tolerance falling quickly. Like I'm in danger of a rage stroke. I gave something to Veronica to double check because I wasn't sure that I had done it correctly. She passes it some minion with no explanation who asks me what to do with it. I told her I just needed someone to double check that I did it right. And she's like " I will just do a new one and hand it back to you?".

No. Because it needs to be processed. Which I don't do. You need to f*cking process it.

Apparently Veronica is going to be on some call and if we could "keep it down a little, that would be awesome"

My head hurts. I might scream.

We can do it though right? Office Warriors unite and all that? We will shed our cubicle bonds in another 48 hours, to live our weekends the way we want to live them. Perhaps we will start by drowning the week in beer and/or vodka. Maybe eating your frustration is the way you go. You might be one of those people that runs off their irritation. We will all be there together, joining spirits to proclaim that this? Is our time!

Sleeping in! Watching movies! Running-errands-you-can't-do-during-the-week-because-you-have-jerks-for-managers-that-don't-allow-you-to-get-things-done-from-9-5! Reconnecting with your friends that you don't see during the week because all your energy was spent at work trying not to destroy your computer! Reading! Going for walks! Drinking! Pedicures! Shopping! Video games! Flea markets!

Two glorious days for us to do with what we want. On Monday we will all be back here. But we will have our spirits rejuvenated. We will be better able to handle the sh*t that flies our way, the incompetences we deal with and the people that make our professional lives a misery.

Hang in there Office Warriors. Tomorrow our weekend begins. Make it a good one. You've f*cking earned it.


  1. Warriors...come out and pla-ay.

  2. Very inspiring post to get me excited for the weekend!