Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Missed The Boat

I am so exhausted today. I went out to the Opera last night (I know, I'm tres cultured like that) and got home late. I didn't sleep well (despite the wine in my system) and woke up to a tiny spring shower.

And by spring shower, I mean spring monsoon. Hey, weather gods? Its June ok? Let's try a little sunshine perhaps? I'm not asking for a heatwave (please, no heat wave) but some sunshine? Some sunshine can't hurt.

So there is exhaustion and then there is crappy weather and then there is the spirit of douche hovering over the office.

Oh yeah. Once I got my butt on the bus (there might have been an incident with a stairwell door and my inability to open it) I got a text: John just walked in. Bad omen for the day.

Universe, really?!? You gave me one John-free day? Really?!? I would like a full refund please.

Luckily (for him) he was gone by the time I got to the office so I didn't actually see him. But his dipsh*tness lingers still.

It was bound to happen right? A crappy day? There has been a string of decidedly not-so-sh*tty days recently so we had to have a bad one to kind of even things out again. Even though I'm definitely getting a headache, this is not a hangover. This, is a hangover. Last night was a tasteful evening at the Opera mkay? Not a pub night. This headache is my body revolting against its Cubicle bonds.

Silver lining/bright side? Yesterday we got to do our employee survey. You know, the one where they ask you to agree, slightly agree, disagree, slightly disagree on a number of things including work/life balance, management style, environmental policies etc? Then at the end you get to leave comments? My favourite day at work is when we get the email to please complete the survey.

I realize that this doesn't say a whole lot about how I feel about my place of work. But we have covered that before. A lot.

So I strongly disagreed with pretty much everything (except the part about how I give my all every day) and while I'm not harbouring any illusions about this making an iota of difference to the policies and procedures in place, it still felt damn good to get to do it.

OK folks, I think that this is the end of the line today. I'm going for a second cup of tea now. But I will leave you with this, courtesy of an email I got from The Record this morning:

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