Thursday, June 10, 2010

Worst Surprise Ever

Its like I brought this on myself. Yesterday I discussed how my office is like kindergarten, today all our desks are shuffled and I have to sit with the teacher.

Remember that? How when the noise levels got to be too much, you were having too much fun in your group and your teacher would create a new seating plan, putting the behaviourally challenged kid at the desk right beside her?

Yeah, that's what happened. I'm coming to you today from the desk beside Amy's. And I am not happy about it.

The department is going to be gone in approximately 3 months so what purpose is served by shuffling everyone around now? The move cost them about 30 hours in lost productivity and doesn't make any sense in terms of who does what.

Not to mention the fact that I'm totally being punished and I would really like to know what for. No reason was given in the email announcing the shuffle and I'm sure if anyone asked, it would be one of "because" or "we just wanted a change." I've played their game for the better part of a year now and I'm still getting punished. I got a token raise, I'm still always suspected of bad behaviour and now this.

I'm seriously so f*cking tired of this. It took a lot of strength not to just walk out of the office yesterday. I think it took more this morning to come back in.

And Amy? Is being such a cow!

She moved me away from my printer and the printer that is on my new desk I can't use because its on the wrong network. When I asked about this situation she gave me her stone face and said "I guess we will just make it work."

When I was carrying a heavy monitor (oh yes, we got to move our own computers and hook them back up) and probably looking none to pleased about it she decided to get in touch with her inner smarta$$ and told me to "Smile!"

I hate being told to "smile!"

She actually thought that I was going to crawl under my desk to hook up all the computer cables too. 1. I'm wearing a dress. 2. I'm not an IT person and 3. This move was not my idea. So no, I will not be crawling under my desk. You can though. And so it came to pass that Amy crawled under my desk to hook up my computer cables.

So to recap. They gave me a token raise. They wrote me up a year ago. I get treated like sh*t. And now I have to sit with Amy. They took away my window (I used to have a window, such a comfort) and the big screen TV in the italian jewellery store across the street- right before the World Cup starts.

All of this begs the question: Are they trying to make me quit?

Lily (the girl who used to sit here) says not to worry, that Amy doesn't notice anything. To prove her point she reminded me of the time that she had a walking pneumonia, was at her desk, passed out and on the ground for 5 minutes before someone (not Amy who was sitting there the entire time) even noticed.

She makes a good point. But I'm still not happy about the situation.

This will probably affect my posting regularity. It could be all over the place as I wait for Amy to take lunches and go to meetings. Bear with me!

Cherry on my day? My lunch date just cancelled.

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