Friday, June 18, 2010

Yes, I Am Rambling

This is why I love The Boyfriend. The other day he ate all the cookies. Last night I came home and he had replaced the cookies. Then I ate 4. And reached for 2 more. And I said "I know I should stop, but I can't" and then he said that I could have as many cookies as I wanted.


Also the Lakers won last night so he didn't have to beat me. Always a bonus.

New annoyance at work. Bad cologne. Every day when he leaves, Nathan (hat wearer, other side of the wall inhabitant) sprays himself down with some kind of cheap cologne that lingers in the air until its time for me to go home. It gives me a headache. I'm not sure who told him that whatever it is smells good because they lied to him. So now he walks around thinking he's Kobe Bryant after he wins 5 championships, when in fact he's much more Kevin Federline when he was with Britney Spears (and therefore at the height of his white trashness). I guess he is unaware that we actually have a no-perfume rule in the office.

Now the bastard is getting Christmas songs stuck in my head!

But for all his faults, Nathan does have one big thing going for him: I think he's annoying Amy! He used to sit in a kind of office siberia, with no one on our team around him to talk to. Now he's in the thick of things and he's a social guy. I'm able to talk and work but I think that Amy thinks that this ability is an office myth. So anyway Nathan talks and talks and talks. I think its refreshing, Amy looks like she wants to forcefully shut him up. Which I'm loving. Guess your little desk rearrangement experiment isn't working out quite the way you wanted it to is it Amy?

Angela, I saw your request for more oversharing stories, but there has been a drought of late. I can't decide whether to be happy about this or not. On the one hand, this way I don't have to look like I care. On the other hand, there is less fodder for the blog. Conflicted.

But when something happens that warrants the label of Overshare, you know I will do my part to let you be a part of the experience.

Do you think if I wore my sunglasses at my desk I would look like a tool or like a superstar? I ask because the lovely glow of the fluorescent light above my head is making my eyes scream and giving me a headache. I know that my managers don't give a sh*t so there's no point bothering them, but there must be a homemade solution in this somewhere yes? Sunglasses. Although I seem to remember mocking someone wearing her sunglasses inside all day only to find out that she had just had lazer eye surgery...

I suffer from Foot-in-Mouth disease. I think its inherited. My mom has a pretty bad case.

Ok folks, I have some Amy-free time and I think I'm going to use it to troll around on the internets and see what's new. She's interviewing someone. Hopefully this candidate's not an idiot.

Oh OH! Before I forget. Summer is here (or so I'm told because the weather? Didn't get the memo) which means that everyone needs some good reads for the beach or the lake, road trips etc. Everyone's favourite narcissistic ex-sorority girl has some great reads picked out in all kinds of categories, including that of the young adult vampire variety (but don't judge her). You're welcome!


  1. It's Friday and I don't want to work so I thought I would add a couple of golden too much information stories...both from the same lady. So to keep this interesting the woman has just turned 50. So one time we got on the topic of sex somehow to which was eventually admitted by her that she has had sex on our bosses desk. Another time I was playing with the stuffed animals on her desk and put the legs up to which she mentions "I could put my legs behind my head up until I was about 35...quite the selling feature!".

    I hope you enjoyed that!

  2. I know you've preempted this response, but thank you for the Jen Lancaster reference!

  3. I wear sunglasses a bunch in the office, because I get migraines. All you have to do is blame it on headaches and people don't care. You might actually get a little sympathy, if you want some.

  4. Marshall: thank you for the "overshare" share. you got a good one in your office.

    Breenuh: you're right I was pre-emptive, but you're still welcome. She's good no?

    AuntBT: maybe I will try it, see what the reaction is.