Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How Purolator Made My Day

Last week Veronica left the office on a work errand. She made sure that we knew that it was a work errand, and not a break. Because she was still taking all her breaks. Sure, whatever. Maybe she had to run out and get paper, pick up mail--I have no idea what constitutes a work errand here since everything is pretty much done online or on the phone (so that the socially inept really don't have to leave the office and deal with people ever), but she wouldn't lie about that!

She returned 20 minutes later. Her work errand? Shopping for an outfit for her trip to Calgary this weekend. I'm pretty sure that that wouldn't fly if Amy had been here. But others disagree and think that Amy would have just gone with if she hadn't been on vacation. And those people might be onto something.

So that's one thing.

Here's another:

Every day the Purolator guy comes in and Veronica makes nice (not because he's hot, he's not. I'm not sure why she is always all sunshine and light with him, he doesn't seem particularly nice either). Yesterday she felt the need to tell him that she was going away. This is what happened.

Veronica: I'm going away for 5 weeks!
Purolator Guy: oh? For 5 weeks?
V: yeah! I'm going on vacation! (duh)
PG: where?
V: South Africa!
PG: ?
V: South Africa!
PG: oh? really?
V: yeah!! (she's getting really excited now and is just about to launch into the reason: World Cup Soccer)
PG: oh. Its just that I wouldn't go to South Africa for anything really.

Now aside from the fact that the Purolator guy is kind of ridiculous (because honestly, who wouldn't want to go to South Africa??) this was really awesome. He has been the only person (aside from Anna and yours truly) that haven't fallen all over themselves to hear all the details about her upcoming trip. And this guy doesn't even know her so he can't possibly know what a tool she can be. Or maybe he does know. Maybe he's one of those people that has really accurate first impressions? Either way, serious props to the Purolator guy (except for the part where he doesn't want to go to South Africa, that's just crazy talk). You made my morning.

Finally. I was just minding my own business yesterday afternoon, slaving away at the office like I'm wont to do because I? Am an excellent employee (and may soon be available for anyone in the Vancouver area looking for someone awesome), when I get a message from the Oddball. Usually fairly harmless, if a little too apt to overshare (ie "...so then I found out my real dad actually killed a man...How are you liking your book?").

Out of nowhere this is the message she sends me:

I need to vent about something and I think you will agree with me: 40 year old men should be mature enough to not taking things that happen in role playing games so seriously that it affects their real life friendships. Its really annoying. He's got the 3 of us feeling like crap because he can't figure out that an evil fairy queen is a b*tch and we don't actually hate him in real life

1. Since when are full grown men mature? Really? Its part of their charm and part of their curse. But maturity and males. Not so much.
2. The 3 of who?
3. Role playing?
4. How is this something that you think I have expertise in or would agree with you on? I don't even know what you are saying! Am I giving out some kind of vibe?

And so ended my day. I posted in the evening. Scroll down! Its adorable.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh.

    "Oddball" is too nice a name.

  2. I just laughed out loud. I miss oversharing colleagues.

  3. Angela, since you miss it, come back, I will give you more. Its like you are here, but without actually having to pretend to care. You know?