Wednesday, June 23, 2010

John Is Stressed. And The Villagers Cheered.

Today I promised you all an update on how John is doing in his new role.

In a word? Stressed.

Turns out he's in way over his head and he's feeling totally overwhelmed. To which I say: karma's a b*tch, B*tch. Turns out he doesn't actually have a clue as to what he is doing and they made a huge mistake in giving him his own agency. I could have told them all this a long time ago, but sadly for them, they don't listen to me.

Apparently he has hired on his partner to work for him as well as his best friend (the former d-bag-manager-with-no-first-name) so you know there are no conflicts of interest there.

Because it is so easy to remain objective and do your job when you have hired on your family and friends right? And that can only be good for business yes? So there really shouldn't be any problems with his new "friends and family" hiring policy. I will put money on the fact that as soon as she can, Veronica will join this merry band of idiots, despite the fact that she has no customer service experience (unless you count that time she worked in a drugstore- she was really successful, she was robbed at knifepoint) and doesn't have an exactly stellar track record when it comes to working with people. The funny thing is I'm positive she will think she has been hired into some position of authority and will act like it, when in fact I'm sure she will be bottom of the totem pole.

Can't wait.

John was actually here yesterday. I saw him with my own 2 eyes at the end of the hall way. I was getting ready to go to the pub around the corner for the South Korea match and he was here, catching up with friends under the guise of some kind of training. I saw him, our eyes locked, he hesitated, unsure of whether to wave, I hesitated unsure of whether to walk away or flip him off. In the end, I stared him down and made him walk away first. Good thing we were headed to the pub. Rum never tasted so good.

Today we have news that Turd Furgason will also be leaving our cozy little family and heading to his own branch starting July 1st. A little present from Canada to me (July 1st is Canada day). As soon as this department folds (in the fall sometime, God forbid they give us something more concrete) Amy will join her brother. I have no idea what is with this place and the hiring of the family. I love my family, but I wouldn't want to work with them (cousin, am I right?) ever.

I still haven't received my ipod back. Should I be concerned? Is she some kind of ipod con artist? Has she discovered an affinity for Dutch rap? Musicals? 90s one-hit wonders? What are the chances I get it back today?

I scared the bejeezus out of our resident South Korea supporter just now (she's hardcore, when Korea scored the first time yesterday she actually ran up and down the halls with her flag screaming). She had her headphones in and was concentrating, so I snuck up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. The sound she made was like a parrot dying. I may have relayed the story to another co-worker, using the word sh*t, standing in front of the lunchroom where an interviewee was waiting. I should care, but they really should know what kind of place they are interviewing in.

I'm afraid that that is all that I have for you today (aside from using the word 'that' as many times in a sentence as possible). I do want to wish VEG a very happy birthday though. I think there might even be sunshine for you!? There was when I got off the bus this morning but I have no window with which to confirm the veracity of this statement at this time. But still, Happy Birthday!!

PS Nathan is matching Maurice's dress sense with a canary yellow polo shirt. Its not even casual Friday.


  1. Yes I agree completely with you , our family is wonderful but I could never work with them...frightening idea actually!

  2. Aww, shucks, thanks girly! I have been remiss in my commenting lately, but I am still reading everyday!

  3. South Korea has a supporter in Canada? Wth?

  4. Koo- seriously.

    VEG: I didnt say happy birthday to get a comment!

    Laurie! You're back! I've missed you. And yes. We are a nation of immigrants, every world cup team has supporters hiding somewhere. Some more conspicuous than others.

  5. ahahahha dying parrot.....