Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music Shame

Yesterday I did something nice. I know, totally uncharacteristic of my work self but there you go.

So this girl forgot her ipod, which if you work here is kind of like the end of the world. In order to tune out the bullsh*t and pretend like your professional life isn't a total misery, one needs music.

I happen to have 2 ipods that I always have at work- my iphone has music on it and I continue to bring my ipod to work (they have different music for the most part). So the girl had headphones and I offered her my extra ipod.

Forgetting my secret music shame. I have posted on here about music before. By looking at that you probably decided that I have terrible taste in music and you wouldn't be too far off the mark. I basically handed over my deepest, darkest secret to a virtual stranger.

Lest you think I'm overreacting, let me just give you a quick rundown of the kind of stuff that is on my ipod: musicals (a lot of them), Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, ABBA, country music from when I was 15 and kind of into country music (which is basically a crime in these parts), Girlicious (I know), Destiny's Child circa 2001, a Dutch rap song that only I appreciate, a song about how I'm From Holland, Where the F*ck You From?, and possibly the BeeGees.

The I'm-one-cool-b*tch rep that I have been so carefully crafting has been undone in one good deed.

Of course she hasn't actually given it back so maybe she loves what I've done with the ipod and my secret will be safe? Safe from the people that I haven't told by posting it on a blog that anyone can stumble upon since its on the internets.

Yesterday afternoon this guy was complaining about he was so tired (stemming from obscene boredom no doubt) and this other girl was all "Cheer up, its almost Tuesday!"

I'm sorry what?

Since when did Tuesdays become cause for celebration? I told him that it was a good thing I wasn't around. I would have told her to get out.

Also, our cleaning people seem to have fallen into some kind of cleaning frenzy after months and months of doing nothing (as far as anyone can tell, you should see the dust collections we have built up). I came in this morning and all my pens, post-its, various office mascots (I have 3: a Toblerone dog, a stress horse and a little wooden turtle with a bobbing head that I got in Mexico) and papers had been shoved to the side. The one thing that I did appreciate was that they collected all the paperclips that had been strewn all over my desk into my slinky. But now, what do I do when I want to use my slinky?


My new cubicle buddy though? Is really filling in Maurice's shoes quite nicely. Obviously am not talking about Amy- wall buddy I guess would be more correct: Nathan. Words that just came out of his mouth: "duckpimples", "mallard swells" and "earholes". Also, he does accents and I'm pretty sure that he is making Amy seriously reconsider her new seating plan. That's really all I have to offer you about Nathan for now but I will obviously be keeping you posted.

Tomorrow- an update on John and my thoughts on the situation.

This afternoon- drinks in a bar! I'm going with some co-workers to watch the 2nd half of the South Korea- Nigeria game. I've been told to cheer for South Korea. Don't tell them I will be rooting for Nigeria.


  1. haha! My iPod is an embarrassment to life as well. There may or may not be an abundance of Disney music and spicegirls/backstreet boys megamixes.
    Computer Screen Five to listening to dorky music to get through the day!

  2. Oooooo megamixes?!?!? That's genius! I'm not computer talented enough for that kind of awesome.

    Computer Screen Five!

    ...we just took this to a whole other level of sad didn't we?