Monday, June 14, 2010

How Amy Is Like My Grade 5 Teacher

The problem with the World Cup being in South Africa is that the time difference really doesn't work for me. Nine hours is a tricky time difference and although I have mostly worked it out when it comes to phoning relatives, watching live games is something else.

The Netherland's first game was at 4.30am local time. Do you know how much I hate to wake up early? Do you have any idea what a giant sacrifice it was on my part to wake up to watch it (nearly) live?

Fine. I started recording it, but only so that I could fast forward through the intermission. After all, I still had to go to work this morning didn't I?

Let me tell you, it is a good thing Oranje pulled off a win. A no-win situation that early on a Monday morning would not have ended well.

I had on my new Netherlands t-shirt too. Are you aware that its nearly impossible to get women's World Cup anything? Well now you are. Maybe its just here, but its annoying. I did end up getting a Netherlands shirt, but its not official. The Boyfriend didn't have the same trouble, being a man and all, and since he is honourarily Dutch (as decided by me) he got himself a lovely official Netherlands jacket.


So that's the good. Now onto the rest.

This is Day 3 of my captivity in the lair of the Stone Faced B*tch aka Amy. I am told that it is a gloriously sunny day but I have no way of knowing this for sure since I no longer have my window. Amy is still being a b*tch and so I continue Nelson Mandela's go-slow practice, regulating my productivity.

Naturally since it is a beautiful warm day outside, the heat must be cranked inside. I have been at work for an hour and am actually sweating (pretty picture non?). I have 2 theories about this: 1. they want to keep our body temperatures consistent inside and out so that we don't get sick and miss days of work or 2. they are hoping we pass out from heat exhaustion because it would amuse them.

Of course I could be sweating because my blood pressure is rising as I try to deal with my colleagues and their unbelievable stupidity and lack of accountability. I expect this sh*t from the reps, but the people that are supposedly part of the same "team" (I use the term very loosely)? That pisses me off. Especially when I try to explain the problems I have been having with one girl to Amy and she brushes it off because the girl is her little buddy.

I seriously didn't want to come to work today. I used to like coming to work (obviously when I worked other places). It reminds me of Grade 5 when I started to hate going to school (very uncharacteristic of me, I loved school) and that was only because our teacher yelled at us, calling us names and physically disciplining us. This is actually pretty similar. In fact Amy kind of reminds me of that teacher- except she doesn't have long, sharp nails.

I'm allowed to get a new job as of July 15th, so if you are in the Vancouver area and in need of someone awesome, with excellent written skills (don't let the blog fool you) who is a quick learner and really funny (again, don't let the blog fool you) then let's talk!

Hup Holland Hup!

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  1. WOW! I am also allowed to get a new job as of July 15th. Spending time at work searching for future job prospects is totally cool with the boss right? Errr....

    Today I got beat up over not signing off an email with "if you have any questions or comments... feel free " blah blah blah bs bs bs

    Really? Do we need to tell the executives how to use email? PRETTY sure he knows if he has any god damn questions he can email me.

    You are not alone....