Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Milk And Cookies

Last night in an effort to curb my solo drinking, I poured myself a glass of wholesome white milk. Don't get me wrong, I had a glass of chocolate milk for drinking. The white milk was for cookie dunking.

Turns out, we had no more cookies. The Boyfriend had had the same idea, only he had it earlier.

No cookies for me. I could really have used some cookies too. Well let's be honest, booze would have worked out just as well, it just felt wrong on this particular Tuesday. We all know I've not had the same hesitations on previous Tuesdays.

I tried looking for a job last night. Online, you know, because we're in the 21st Century now and that's how we do. Turns out, I'm not qualified to do anything. I've spent the last 2 plus years here doing sh*t all while I finished my degree and now that I have it, what do I have to offer a prospective employer? Theoretical knowledge? A smile?

I know that I can learn to do pretty much anything, I just don't know how many employers are willing to teach someone everything you know?

So in an effort not to slice my wrists this morning I have come up with a list of things that I'm good at in the hopes that someone will see it and hire me based solely on that.

1. I'm good at helping people out. I've done my fair share of reception/customer service oriented work and I'm good at problem solving. People love me. I'm good on the phone too- not that I answer it here, but that's a personal choice. One small way that I can control my day in cubicle prison.

2. I'm good at communicating. Written or verbal, phone or email, if you have communicating to do, I'm your girl. I even have a blog. If that's not communicating I don't know what is.

3. I'm good looking.

4. I'm good at learning. Seriously. Before I started this job, I knew nothing about the industry. Now I am unfortunately well-versed and can do my job in my sleep. Same goes for the jobs I've had before in a gym (me! in a gym!) and at a crafts store (me! in a crafts store!).

5. I'm good at multi-tasking. No, I'm excellent at multi-tasking. I can answer the phone, help someone out and still carry on with what I was doing before. Hell, I can blog and work at the same time. Not that I do...I'm also efficient.

6. I'm good to work with. Seriously, I'm awesome. People love to work with me. They are so going to miss me here. I will hold you when you're sad, help out with your workload and cheer you on when you're busy being awesome.

I know! I'd hire me too!

But apparently I have to find the job instead of waiting for it to find me. I really think that someone needs to rework that system. I guess in the meantime I will continue to think ahead to that day that I get to quit and sit down with someone that isn't Veronica, Amy or John and tell them exactly what has been going on here and why this place sucks.

Marshall- I tried the tea and I'm really not sure what I think about it. Its kind of toffee-like which might be too sweet? Seriously unsure.


  1. Your skillset is perfect for either a secretary or a high class hooker.

    Best of luck.

  2. Its funny you should mention that actually. My friend said she had a job opportunity for me and forwarded me an article about "sugar babies". Basically young women go onto these websites and meet sugar daddies who pay for their clothes, cars, apartments, sometimes even tuition.

    Obviously the Universe is trying to tell me something.