Monday, April 5, 2010

The Aftermath

This is my first Easter Monday in the office. I have never worked on Easter Monday ever. Which probably contributes a lot to the feeling of "this is bullsh*t" that I'm currently experiencing.

I think that the executive team tried to soften the blow of working a holiday (seriously, its a holiday, it took me no time to get to work because no one is working today) by sending out an email that raises were effective April 1st. I should be celebrating, but I'm more of the mindset of "I'll believe it when I see it".

They undid their efforts with the next email though. An announcement of the first "franchise" owners under the new system. Its not surprising, considering how far his head is up the collective executive a$$, but Turd Ferguson is one of the first. Because Turd needed more reason to think he's hot sh*t. Lord help us all.

I can hear Turd's unnaturally highpitched laugh as they celebrate his success. Congratulations Turd, you are the best a$$ kisser around.

So today is the first day when all the party people (I posted a recap on Saturday, scroll down) reconvene in their work roles. I'm excited to see what kind of awkwardness ensues. So far John is making doubly sure that we all recognize his authority. He is using his big boss man voice, and keeping conversations short and to the point.

If you have scrolled down you will read that I had one jager shot and then I passed the bottle around for others to partake. I walked into the kitchen this morning to get tea (you guessed it: Sunday night = no sleep) and Nathan (he of the hat inside wearing fame and general douche-baggery) says "Hey, its Jager girl!"

Are you serious?

He asked me how I got home. I told him that my boyfriend picked me up about 11 because of the herbal refreshment partaking. I told him that I can't be around that because my boyfriend is a police officer (and also, I just don't like it). He then proceeds to tell me how he had to go outside to puke because the bathroom was preoccupied and how he left at midnight but passed out in his car. And then drove himself home.

Thanks for sharing that you drove home drunk. I'm an even bigger fan now.

I just got some more details about what happened when I left. Sounds like I left at a good time. See there weren't just work people there, some of the hostess' boyfriends' friends were there. I guess one guy got really drunk and started taunting people from the office, among other things calling John a fag.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not John's biggest fan. I'm not a fan at all. But calling someone a fag...that disgusts me. I could definitely go on a tirade here, believe me, but I will refrain.

I guess it all kind of went downhill from there. One guy left because he was so angry at the comments (rightfully so) and the party kind of broke up after that. The hostess did give the guy Veronica's number so that he could apologize but I do not envy being the hostess this day back at work, working for John. Its all about who your friends are right?

So what have we learned? Friends and co-workers do not mix. A work social situation should not go beyond the restaurant. Nathan is a moron. And I feel bad for John.

Again, at least I got out in time.


  1. Funny, I had always worked Easter Monday and thought I would have this one off. But no, everyone else had to call in sick, and I got to come in anyway.

    And I NEVER drink with co-workers or bosses for this exact reason.

  2. Sick? Or a case of the it-should-be-a-holiday-so-I'm-calling-it-ins? You have WAY more reason to be annoyed that you are at work.

    As for alcohol and co-workers? Lesson learned.

    Although, its something I suspected before.