Saturday, April 3, 2010

Co-Worker Party: A Synopsis

So I made the decision to go out for a couple of drinks over dinner with my co-workers, in celebration of one guy's last days. I slept in, started work at 9am, got through the day (with THREE different cakes and a full lunch courtesy of the office, nothing really got done, everyone was in a food coma) and walked to the restaurant with people from the office.

We got to the restaurant and immediately ordered a drink. I ended up having 3 drinks at the restaurant- 2 of them might have been Long Island Iced Teas. To his credit John did buy us all a round of drinks. And he sat with us, visibly tipsy (he had taken the guest of honour for a couple of rounds of drinks before the festivities- again, I have to give him credit because that was decent), but lucky for me, he sat at the end of the table. There were a few moments when I totally thought he was going to sit down in the empty chair next to me but he clearly thought that that would have been a bad decision and he would have been right.

Against all odds I'm actually really enjoying the company of my co-workers at this point. Even Amy, Veronica and John were doing their best to not ruin the evening. Veronica kept saying "Supervisor hat off!" which a) was her way of letting us know that she was participating as an equal and b) so so lame to keep saying. The plan was for everyone to go for drinks and dinner and then move the party to someone's house to keep it going. I was just going to go for dinner and drinks but was completely unprepared for enjoying myself and wanting to continue.

So I went to the afterparty as well.

Veronica was driving a few people but she obviously didn't have enough room for everyone so we were looking to bus out there. I had no idea where I was even going so I made sure that I wasn't left behind. I was not counting on John's intention of keeping the party going. He ended up joining the group I was in, going to the liquor store with us, saying over and over "Boss hat off!" and...sharing a cab

At one point in the liquor store he was like "oh, maybe I should just go home" (music to my ears) and I said (sarcastically) "oh. no. don't do that" and he turned to me with watery eyes and was like "It really means a lot to me that you said that".


Not only did he not go home, he was ready to party like a 16 year old. And yes, I did make him pay for the cab.

We got there and you should have seen the eyes of the girl who's house we were at- her boss (John was all "I'm not your boss" so I said "Fine, you're our boss' boss, that's worse") was at her house, drinking. Awkward.

John quickly set up shots for everyone, I caught him taking a picture with Veronica where Veronica was grabbing his chest, and it seemed like everywhere I was, so was he. I had a couple more drinks, a shot of jager and was enjoying myself (somewhat) until the distinctive smell of something herbal found me.

I know, I live in Vancouver, I shouldn't be surprised. Here's the thing though- The Boyfriend? He's a police officer. Even worse? From where I was standing it looked like maybe John was taking part. Party was over for me.

I called for a ride home (mostly because I had no idea where I was).

And so ended my evening.


  1. Oh, my, Monday is SO going to awkward with the "now I am your boss again" losers. Esp given the partaking of said herbal products. Something, I, VEG, would NEVER do. Unh, unh.

  2. I actually tend to think it will be more of "we're friends now right? Because of that time with all the drinks?" But definitely the herbal indulgence took it to a whole other level for me.