Friday, April 23, 2010

Karmic Kickback?

I'm freezing cold right now. No my office hasn't turned the air conditioning on. Although they did enjoy that little trick during the winter.

No, no, I'm freezing because I am an idiot and seriously need to look into getting a spring coat.

That's right, I came to work today sans jacket. Why would I do something so dumb, so elementary when I'm 25 years old and should know better?

The short answer? It didn't look that cold outside.

My whole life I have never been that person that is prepared for any kind of weather. Ever. I'm always the person rocking hand-me-down boots and coats (from the person that has taken me to be exposed to the elements when I would have been just as happy sitting inside with a warm beverage), hoping to get back inside as quickly as possible.

I'm also horrible at predicting what the temperature might be by just looking out the window. It looked like it was kind of clearing up so it couldn't be cold could it? Not so much. When I actually walked outside (after having specifically removed my umbrella from my bag because it was taking up book space and it wasn't going to rain anyway) it looked like it was going to rain and actually? Was kind of windy.

In some respects then it shouldn't be surprising that in April, a famously inclement and unpredictable weather month, I'm alternatively sweating home on the bus in a scarf and winter coat or freezing on my 2 block walk to and from the bus in nothing but a light sweater.

Why don't I have a spring coat? Well. Don't think I haven't tried. I have spent the better part of 2 years looking for a new coat. One for winter, one for summer. Want to know the last time I got a new winter coat? I'm not sure that you do.

It was in Grade 12. What is that now? Seven years ago? Eight? Something like that. The lining is completely destroyed but other than that its holding up pretty well. And let me tell you, I have worn the hell out of that thing.

But I can't find a coat that fits properly. And so, I freeze.

What else what else? I thought that the freezing-on-account-of-no-proper-coat thing would take longer to explain, and also that it would be more amusing but I fail on both counts and I don't want to annoy Brian with another manicure-esque post.

Yesterday I was kind of an office jerk. I ratted out my co-worker. All. Day. Long.

Why would I do such a heinous thing when we are all in this together and we're just trying to get through the days?

Because she is a moron. By now you are all familiar with my good friend Olga. She is an idiot. Maybe she interviews really well? Maybe the Temp agency just sent her here. I dunno. But she is not working out.

Since she is incapable of learning how to do her job (which really? Is not that hard) my job becomes that much more difficult. Why's that? Because part of my job description reads: 'cleaning up dumba$$ messes'.

It really does say that.

OK, no it doesn't. But it might as well.

So its not like this is the first time that I may have mentioned that Olga might be having trouble with the concept of her job. But I have always been brushed off, told to just 'take care of it'.

I'm not sure what changed? Perhaps Veronica is tired of pretending to do the quality control check? Don't know, don't really care. But I mentioned something that Olga had missed and Veronica asked me for a list. Boy was I prepared with a list. Veronica actually told me that it will be part of the case she is building that "Olga isn't the best fit".

This. On the day that I finally lend her my book.

How's that for karmic kickback?

PS is the greatest site ever. After you buy your books (at crazy cheap prices- I got 4 books for $28) you can watch other people shop. I could seriously do that all day.

PPS I finished Bright Lights, Big Ass. It might be even better than Bitter.


  1. Indeed. It is quite difficult to be overwhelmingly-cute when rocking a coat. So, I'll freeze instead too.

    Sometimes you have to sacrifice to be cute.


  2. Fashion before function eh Britches? Oh the many times I shake my head at women for what they're wearing... Just goes along with the saying "the problem with common sense is that it's not so common anymore".