Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All New Agey And Stuff.

According to my horoscope I'm supposed to believe that fate will be kind to me today. I guess if I believe it, it will be.

I agree, perhaps it was a little premature to check my free daily newspaper horoscope. Usually I wait until my lunch break so that instead of having my horoscope dictate my day, I can see if my horoscope was right.

But this morning I was waiting for the water to boil for my tea and it was lying there. So I read it.

I'm encouraged by the fact that it said it was going to be a good day. That and the bottle of wine sitting on my desk when I came in. Thanks Anna! No. 99 Wayne Gretzky wine! Amazing. Think it would be frowned upon if I cracked it now?

So this is going to be a fairly new agey post. Because the next topic is...my dream.

Considering what an a$$hole I pretend to be on this blog it will probably surprise you to know that I'm fairly in touch with my new agey side. I'm a pisces. I think this explains all. I like the idea that there is meaning in the things that you dream, that everything will always work out (yes Anna, I guess this is a bright side, shut up), and that you can tell a lot about a person depending on their sign (sometimes people take more after their ascendant sign, that is, the sign that was rising at the time of their birth).

Right, so that dream.

Obviously its partly to do with the fact that I sat and watched the final game of the NCAA Men's Basketball. That sentence hurts me, but I can't find a way to fix it...

So I watched the game (while playing solitaire. With real cards. I'm cool like that) and although my heart was hoping Butler would win (how adorable is their mascot? Yes, that is the reason I was cheering for Butler. Silently), The Boyfriend was all about Duke. He bet his sister dinner at our favourite sushi restaurant that Duke would take it. I'm all over a free meal anyway.

Since The Boyfriend is up at 5, he was ready for bed at 9.45. I followed him to bed (so that I wouldn't stub my toe or smack my knees into the very awkward height bed feeling my way in the dark if I waited) and decided to tackle my monster Hitler biography. Don't read racist tendencies into my reading material- I'm a student of history. Its over 1000 pages, I've been working on it since the fall. Its a very dry read. Turns out, Hitler wasn't a super interesting guy. Not charismatic like you hope a dictator will be, just kind of a power hungry, egomaniacal sh*t. Perhaps I should have gone with Stalin?

So I'm reading my Hitler book, hoping I will be able to read a little and fall alseep quickly (mission accomplished 2 sections in, about 15 pages. Now you know why its taking me so long).

And this is when I fell into my dream. About me playing on the Butler team. And instead of losing the game we totally won. But then we were all girls (previously I had been the only girl) playing the men's Duke team. So while we are celebrating the Duke coach comes over (its not Coach K, its my Grade 8 math teacher who was also the senior boys' basketball coach and hated to lose) and says that he is going to fight the win and take it away from us and then I'm at a friend's house and there are kids everywhere...and it all kind of goes away.

The way that I choose to interpret this (that's the beauty of interpreting dreams, you can do it anyway you want) is that it was about winning. Now Anna used to have a dream dictionary at work but apparently she has since taken it home (yes Anna, I looked through your stuff, just a surface search) so I had to google my dream.

I did look up basketball first but apparently that means nothing.

Winning however, can mean one of 2 things.

1. signifies triumph and success; you are experiencing confidence in your abilities and belief in yourself. The dream serves to offer some encouragement.


2. symbolizes a sexual conquest.

So again...I choose option 1. It must all mean that fate is sending a perfect job my way and because I'm so confident in my abilities and awesomeness I will land it and be great at it.

All in all, encouraging report no?

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  1. Hey babes, just popping in to recommend Nelson Mandela's biography. I always thought I was simply a fiction sort of girl but this is a great read, he just skips over all the dull years and gets right to the meat of it. Also, no one will judge you if you bring this book with you on the bus ;)
    Expect lots of emails tomorrow as I am working at the dull museum building again instead of the one with the cute boys! x Mona