Monday, April 12, 2010

Interview Before Hiring, Perhaps?

Did everyone else have a lovely weekend? Filled with flowers and sunshine and flipping rainbows?

*sigh* My weekend was so nice. And over far too quickly. I even slept well last night, which accounts for my slightly better than usual Monday mood.

Don't worry, the good vibrations were fleeting. The system is messed up this morning which means that instead of being able to complete my transactions, I get to write down the client numbers, half-finish them and go back to them later. I love re-doing things too!

But more than that, my annoyance levels are creeping up because of Olga, she of the book borrowing dilemma .

I don't know what the deal is with this girl. Maybe its the fact that she is 35 and lives with her overbearing mother, maybe she doesn't have any social skills (see living with her mother), maybe she is just a dumba$$, I don't know. But this girl! What they saw in her that made them hire her I will never understand.

Last week I overheard her come up to Veronica with a proposition. Even though she is 35 and ostensibly has no expenses living with her mother, she asks Veronica for a loan. To help pay for her mother's surgery? No. For help with some outstanding bills? No. To buy this fabulous $200 purse she desperately needs. She tells Veronica that she doesn't have a credit card but will pay her back with interest. I can tell Veronica is uncomfortable but doesn't know how to say 'no' (so familiar with that feeling) so she says OK and that she assumes that Olga has at least half of the money now?


Olga can offer her $60 now. And will pay the rest in 2 installments.

Who asks their boss for a loan to buy a purse and then offers to pay it back in installments?? Get a Sears card.

I just heard Olga come over and ask to borrow Veronica's sweater because she is cold. Should Veronica worry that this is going to turn into some weird stalker situation? I'm uncomfortable and its not even me that she's going after. She's probably smelling the sweater now, caressing it gently and thinking of all the ways that she can use it for her stalker voodoo.

Last week Anna had sent me an email inquiring about how old I thought Olga was. She's this tiny woman but her face...she seems older, but she dresses younger. Well, she tries to. We couldn't figure out how old she was.

Until I overheard another conversation Olga was having with (at?) Veronica. Apparently her mother is annoyed with her because she is "35 and doesn't have a boyfriend". Then she goes on to talk about her messed up relationship with her father (that hasn't been good since highschool) and how she is moving into her dad's place while he is away working and that she has to hurry back there now to change to locks so that her sister can't get in. Otherwise, things will go missing.

Now I sympathize with having a messed up family- you don't get to choose your family right? But. I do take issue with the airing of the dirty laundry at work like we care. Like Anna said, she might as well have put together a powerpoint presentation. Maybe throw in some pie charts and diagrams?

Don't you have friends that you can discuss this with? I guess the chances of that are not so high actually...

But seriously. This is work. We are not friends, we are not interested in what is happening in your personal life. Really, we're not.

Finally, perhaps you want to look into some better headphones, Olga. Last week you had your headphones in, full blast and people on the other side of the office could hear that you were listening to the Pussycat Dolls. And the Backstreet Boys. I'm not judging (much) because I know that I have some horrible music on my own ipod. Here's the difference: no one can hear my music. They don't know when I'm listening to Celine (there can only be one) or reliving the glory days of the Spice Girls.

Turn it down.

I have heard rumours that they are looking to hire an additional person. Here's hoping they actually talk to this one before they hire them. I don't know what it is about our hiring committe (comprised of Amy, Veronica and sometimes John so maybe it's not really that hard to see what's wrong) that they always seem to hire idiots. Its a real fluke when they hire someone decent.

Do you have an weirdos in your office?


  1. Yes, we have office weirdos. Unfortunately, I am one. And Hubby is the other one. But we are FUN weirdos. Not creepy. Much.

  2. I guess I should have clarified. Fun weirdos are good. Creepy weirdos...different story.

    And you're not weird, you're quirky. Quirky isn't weird.

    Omg did I just innocently quote Runaway Bride??

  3. Did you know there's a town in Newfoundland called Dildo? This isn't a joke.April 12, 2010 at 12:35 PM

    That reminds me of when I worked at a beer and wine store and a new employee who was probably in her 40's asked our boss if it was cool if she took a bottle of vodka and a pack of smokes and then paid it back after she got paid. ...yeah she was gone at the end of the day. There's a lot of people here who I think are social retards but pointing that out would be racist....that statement probably was too though...

  4. What? Who borrows money from coworkers and who doesn't have a credit card? Yikes. Bunch of winners where you work.

  5. I used to have a colleague who was nearing 40, she lived with her mother and was constantly looking up younger women profiles at work to find her other half... she finally got social housing to find her an appartment, the company pitched in to give her second hand stuff to fill in her appartment, she loaned 200 euro´s from a colleague for moving costs, and then left the company. this woman worked behind me and would show me pics of her newest dates. maybe they know each other??