Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A (Sort Of )Triumphant Return

Like the prodigal son, I have returned.

That's about as far as my knowledge of the story of the prodigal son ashamed. My Catholic school education has left me with nothing!

I just really liked how that opening sounded...

But yes, I am back. I know that you missed me. I know that you depend on my sorry professional life to make you feel better about yours. I am happy to provide the entertainment.

I wish that I was writing this to you wearing my shiny new jacket and shoes. But alas. I had to special order the shoes for my giant feet and the too good for here.

First the high points: Going through my 700 emails (seriously guys, no one was able to go through the emails in the morning, make sure that our 24 hour email response time was honoured? No?) it appears that I am missed. It took 4 people to do what I do in one day. They must really be glad that they got me for such a bargain now eh?


Sorry. Don't know where that came from. Other good things...after sitting on my a$$ for the better part of 2 knee does feel somewhat better. Not 100% and I don't know what it will feel like after today, but for right now, progress.

And that's where the good ends.

Pretty much.

Weird how much harder it is to get out of bed to go to a job that you hate after a 4 day respite from said job. Weird how my sleep was affected and how this morning my case of lockjaw or teeth grinding or nerve damage has come back.

Want to know how I spent my sick days? Well you know what I did on Monday (answering the age old question of 'do Mondays still suck if you don't have to work?' YES) but what about yesterday when I wasn't being simultaneously screwed by the government and my job?

I'm so glad that you asked.

I woke up around 10.30? Watched some episodes of Say Yes to the Dress that I had recorded. And then Who Do You Think You Are? Brooke Shields discovered that she is related to Henry IV, The Sun King and all sorts of other French royals. Cool right? Bet I'm just related to a bunch of Dutch peasants. Really smart, good looking ones though. Obviously.

I do believe that there was some sports highlights to be watched (because The Boyfriend was home too and sports is like oxygen to that boy). I know we had KD for lunch and watched Father of the Bride Part II (90s movies were great, I don't care what you say). I had a bubble bath and read in the tub after The Boyfriend kicked my a$$ at Crazy 8s over and over and over again. I don't know what was wrong with me. Apparently I wasn't even "trying to win". Yes I was! I hate to lose at anything. Obviously he was cheating.

Amazing how quickly the day goes by when you wake up late, watch a bunch of crap TV, and have a bubble bath. We watched the first 2 periods of the Detroit/Phoenix game but when it became clear that Phoenix wasn't going to rally...we watched the first three episodes of the 4th season of The Tudors.

And that was the day. Really exciting right? As much as I hate my job, I definitely could not stay in the house all day every day like that. So I guess I discovered (again) that I like to work. I just don't like to work here. An important realization as I come to the end of my enforced labour here.

And that was that. I still have thousands of emails to get through so I better get at it. Thanks for stopping by!

PS today's quote from my famous women quote a day calendar..."The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting" - Gloria Leonard.

Words to live by people, words to live by.

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  1. That sounds like me dream day. And when I was off for 4 days once, I found the entire office's mail on my desk (4 days worth) because no one else wanted to open it and distribute it. And yet, I had MANY impatient messages wondering if so-and-so had sent their cheque in yet. People are stupid.