Thursday, April 8, 2010

Suzy Says Feng Shui

I painted my nails last night. Bright blue. OPI's Suzy Says Feng Shui (part of the Hong Kong collection). It looks awesome.

At least it did.

It was damn windy today on the hill (that I live on). So windy that I had to lean forward and push into it. If I had been riding a bike, it would have been slow going. Unless I was going the other way, and then it would have been helpful. Mona, Angela, Emily--you know what I'm saying (that was a shout out to my Dutch peeps).

Anyway I got to the bus stop and there were already about 7 people huddling inside the bus shelter. Which meant that I had to stand outside of it in the blustery wind (anyone else think of Winnie the Pooh with the word 'blustery'?). I thought I would make the most of it and dig my bus pass out of my bag. I blindly stuck my hand in my bag and found my wallet and pulled it out. A movie ticket stub was semi-attached to my wallet, got caught in the wind and blew onto the ground.

Within my reach.

I would be lying if I said my immediate reaction was to pick it up. It wasn't. My immediate reaction was to let it blow away. But with 7 people standing behind me, watching, ready to judge my actions, I knew I had to pick the damn thing up.

I stepped out into the street, put my foot on the ticket and grabbed it.

Scraping my thumbnail on the pavement.

Destroying my perfect manicure.

I just knew that that was going to happen when I picked the stupid thing up. Fear not, it made it safely into the garbage can (almost didn't, it got caught on the ledge and I almost let it stay there...but again, my conscience got the better of me).

But I'm not going to let my perfect manicure's destruction get in the way of a GREAT day at the office.

Yeah, no that last part was total sarcasm. Fact of the matter is that I'm totally choked. I can't begin to tell you how mentally distressing it is to look at my nails and see this glaring imperfection. And its going to be like this all day.

You must think I'm so shallow. I'm not. Not really. My nails are the only thing that I take any kind of pride in (appearance wise). The rest...meh. At work anyway. In other situations, well, I'm my grandmother's granddaughter (she changed her clothes when she left the house--there are house clothes and there are outside world clothes. I share this affliction).

But guys! The sun? Its shining today. Automatically my mood is brighter (ha ha, see what I did there?). Sure, the sun is currently shining directly in my face, blinding me and fading out my computer screens. But the point is, that its shining! A sure sign that Spring is getting stronger. As long as some a-hole doesn't close the blinds, I'm going to be in a sunshine-y mood. Which means...

...nobody dies.

And the villagers cheered.

PS: People! Yesterday marked 200 posts! And I didn't even do anything to celebrate (aside from write another witty, interesting and thought-provoking post. Obviously)


  1. I tried really hard to work "blustery" into a headline about a winter storm a couple months ago. Or "the rain rain rain came down down down." But the older copy editors didn't understand my reference. And people our age don't read the newspaper. Sad.

  2. I totally know what you mean about the manicure. Esp when it is new. Drives me crazazy!

  3. Blustery is such a great word. I enjoy it. Going to try and use it more often.
    As for the manicure. I mean, I did it myself (as I always do) so its not an official manicure, but gawd! Its so aggravating!
    And VEG- did you SEE that there is an iphone app for bullsh*t bingo??? Or buzzword bingo for the more polite folks.

  4. I can't believe I just read a blog on how you chipped your nail. The only thing that makes this better is that a girl in the condo next to my office was walking around naked this morning.

  5. Disappointment is disappointed he spelt disappointed incorrectly.April 8, 2010 at 11:12 AM

    I'm sorry :(

  6. Disappointment is disappointed that he wrote disappointed when he really meant disappointmentApril 8, 2010 at 11:13 AM

    Oh man I'm pretty embarrassed but I must laugh....

  7. Dude, we're twins! Angela and I have been having epic convo's about our new nailpolish colours. My latest purchase. BLUE! Insanely bright and just fab fab fab...but the harsh part, it chips so easily. Like I get a little nuts when that happens so I scrape off everything..and then I have one finger without polish so I do all the other fingers as well. It's a vicious, slighty OCD cycle. But yeah, what I'm saying is, I feel you...the pain of seeing you're beautiful manicure marred. This is why I always carry nailpolish in my purse.

    Wow, I come off as crazy shallow now but yeah, I heart pretty nailpolish! x Mona

  8. wow clearly I meant "your beautiful manicure" Apparently typos are contagious.

  9. I'm sorry that Disappointment/Disappointed didn't enjoy my nail polish tirade. But you must understand that this is a blog about nothing things that become huge issues because I am so stifled in my little work box.

    Mona- add nail polish to the twin list. We were obviously separated at birth.

  10. Congrats on the 200th post!!! I had my 100th the other day but forgot to say something... heehee.