Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Disney Conspiracy

Note to self: Do not start your day with an e-learning course. They make you bored before the day has even started.

I don't even really understand the point of forcing us all to do these courses (6 of them, an hour each more or less) when most of us won't even be here in 6 months! But that's just me, making sense again. I really must try to stop doing that. It annoys people.

OH, my cousin has returned from Disneyland with the most devastating news! No Dug! She said that she went to like every store in Disneyland (and you know there must be thousands, all pushing little plush Disney characters) and it was as though they didn't even make the movie UP. No UP merchandise to be found. What the hell Disney? Why are you depriving me of Dug? Conspiracy much?

My morning? Not off to a good start. I almost cried on the bus again this morning because my book got all sad on me. I was expecting more bodice ripping (historical fiction, what can you do?), not heart wrenching!

I did just set up my caffeine drip though so hopefully things take a more promising turn.

But honestly? Probably not.

Ladies and gentlemen, Veronica has gone on a power trip. Is that your surprised face?

OK maybe it isn't so surprising. But its hella aggravating.

Anna said that she was fine while I was away, but let me tell you, she had attitude when I returned. First she decided to just not acknowledge my absence at all. I went over to say hi and ask a question and she just waited for the question. She's usually all about the chit chat.

Then I was getting stuff done because I'm amazing like that and she didn't like the way I was taking charge and decided to create a new process that would make everyone's life unnecessarily complicated. I emailed her (and Amy) and told them that the new process was a lot of unnecessary rework and outlined a WAY simpler way of doing things. They way she had set it up a) didn't make any sense and b) encouraged no one to take responsibility for anything ever. Which as we all know, is the best way to run a business.

Oh man was I told! First she told me that if I wanted to do it all then to go ahead by all means (but not to forget this and that and oh this thing also will need to get done) (who even says "by all means"? Only cartoon villains to my knowledge). She ended it all by saying "Amy left this up to me to implement, so this is the way we are going"

Effective and professional don't you think?

I believe that the bottom line here is that she wants to be my friend. But I don't let her be my friend. So she decides to flex her supervisor muscle and put me in my place instead. Which really inspires warm and fuzzy feelings in me towards her. The kind of feelings that just make me want to hug her, just squeeze her until all the breath leaves her body.
Too far?

Perhaps. But come on, I'm Dug-less!

In other there is no other news. I'm pretty put out by yesterday's Veronica debacle. They way that girl talks to people! She is just petty and rude. And she is a supervisor. And you know she got a 6% raise. She got a full 6% raise speaking to "her team" like we are idiots, calling us out on "our mistakes", never taking any responsibility for her own, flouting the dress code and kissing a$$. Really inspiring don't you think?

But one day, one day soon I am going to leave here for a better place. And she will still work here. Forever and ever.


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  1. You happiness ends hereApril 29, 2010 at 11:26 AM

    The only problem is that Veronica is going to be happy that she's there forever and ever...until her department is outsourced. So I guess you can take solace in knowing that she will eventually be working as a Wal-Mart Store Supervisor which is only 2 steps above Wal-Mart greeter but below working at McDonalds (at least at McDonalds you can eat the chicken nuggets and who doesn't like chicken nuggets? Vegitarians and vegans that's who and they don't have a soul!)