Monday, April 19, 2010

Bling, Blizzards and Some Other Word That Starts With 'B'

The tree outside my window is starting to sprout leaves. Does a tree sprout leaves? Sport leaves perhaps? Regardless, the leaves are starting to...bloom. And this is the 3rd time I have seen it happen to this tree.


Monday. And its grey out there. No lovely sunshine to improve my mood.

I did come into my little stuffed dog doing something inappropriate to my stress horse. I'm sure that you had nothing to do with that right Brian? Maybe you didn't. I always assume that its you now. I especially liked the framed picture of the Olsen twins. Such style and grace, framed on my desk. A nice touch.

But its still Monday.

And I have nothing to say.

So how about a random collection of thoughts? These are always fun (for me).

There is a group of men on the street looking up into the sky. I wonder what they are looking at. They look ridiculous.

My wonderful cousin is going to Disneyland at the end of the week and she is going to bring me back a talking Dug from the movie Up because she is awesome like that. If you have somehow not seen Up you need to sort your sh*t out because that movie is like the greatest movie ever made. And Dug is perhaps the best character ever. Is this a good enough reminder? Perhaps we could make this a feature for the week: "New and Exciting Ways to Remind My Cousin About My Dug". Good thing that volcano isn't anywhere near Disneyland eh?

I went to the Canucks playoff game on Saturday. It was at once the most exciting and most heartbreaking thing I have ever been a part of. And let's not even discuss the state of my heart rate when there was overtime. Game 3 tonight. Let's steal one on the road boys!

I got a shiny new case for my iphone. I have wanted a blinged out case for it since I got it but wasn't able to find one. I found one this weekend. It was covered in black rhinestone-y things and had a silver skull pirate with a pink eye patch on the back. I know that my 13 year old sister would totally have coveted it (which is the basis of so many decisions these days) so I had to have it. It was only for ipod touch. I settled on classic silver bedazzling instead. Sure, people mock me, but I know its just an outlet for their jealousy.

We did not find The One when we were apartment hunting on Friday. Our realtor remains hella confident that she will find it for us and because she is fantastic and has impeccable taste, we have 100% trust that she will. We actually tagged along for one last viewing Saturday morning with another couple. They were jerks. Are you not excited to be looking at potential homes? No? Just a hassle? Then why not rent forever?

I had a dream last night that it was my birthday and I forgot it. This would never happen. Apparently when you dream about your birthday you are accepting yourself. But I dreamt that I forgot my birthday so does that mean the opposite? Or was it just because of the Blizzard that I had right before bed? Probably the Blizzard. We're the same age (me and the Blizzard).

A new girl is starting today. And she doesn't seem incompetent, so I'm assuming that there has been some mistake. The best part? Veronica's spiel "This is where I sit. Not everyone has 4 monitors ha ha ha"

Last week I got an email from a friend that said she is just starting to read my blog and she started from the beginning so that she would know who everyone was and "why you dislike John so much"-- first off I don't dislike him, I hate him. Second, you are a genius, you should read all my words. Anyway, I went back and read some posts from the months ago and...well I think you should do the same if you're new. Because I wrote some quality stuff last year.

My blogging class starts Thursday! Maybe I will learn how to actually blog and make people like me! Exciting.

I just discovered a downside to my blinged out iphone cover. My phone is always on vibrate at work and I leave it on my desk. Well Anna just sent me a text and it the vibration on the desk with the rhinestone-y things...made a funny sound, like a cross between a duck and a fart.

OK kids, I think thats lots for a Monday morning. Don't forget about Dug.

Go Canucks Go!


  1. Hold the (i) Phone, you are taking a blogging class? WTF? Why was I not aware of such fabulousness and why aren't I registered right now?

    Um, hell ya Dug is the awesomest character. My favourite line from him is "I slept under your porch because I love you." That movie rocks, except the beginning which is kinda sad and I cried.

    I also cried on Saturday re: canucks. But tonight is redemption time.

  2. VEG, I will send you an email. Maybe there is still time? I'm pretty sure I did mention this at one point in time, but perhaps I needed to be more specific?

    I cried so much in Up. Its great, but so sad. But that also makes it great. I love Dug's "I can smell you!"...I quote Dug all the time. I can't decide if this makes me awesome or sad.

    Tonight is definitely redemption time.

  3. Wonderful Cousin KooApril 19, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    Hard to believe but right before I read this I wrote 'do not forget about Dug' on a post-it and put it in my wallet. But yes, very creative way to remind me...I look forward to the further reminders up until Thursday when I leave for Disneyland.
    Your wonderful cousin

  4. Thanks VEG!

    I'm WAY curious - how did you find a blog class? I totally need/want/must find one...