Friday, April 9, 2010

Starbucks. That Is All.

It appears that I have some influence with the local paper (thanks Brian). They obviously religiously read my blog and decided that blustery was the perfect word to use for their photo caption.

I have another chapter in my war with Starbucks. It should be more interesting than my nail saga, but no promises. Hopefully people in condos next to offices will still walk around naked to make it all better.

It all started last night. I went to aquafit on Thursday instead of the normal Tuesday. Different instructor last night, one that kicked our butts. She was really good and she had a smile on her face the whole time she was doing it(satan) but this morning, there is some residual pain. So I slept hard. Like didn't-hear-my-alarm-clock-when-it-went-off hard. Luckily it had only been on for like 3 minutes, but still, that initial moment instilled panic.

Got dressed, planned to have breakfast, but there was no milk so no breakfast. Didn't think it was a problem because The Boyfriend was driving me to work (yay Boyfriend!), which meant: Starbucks.

Well Starbucks (I hope they google themselves today, jerks) really dropped the ball today. Its a drive-thru Starbucks and on a good day this particular location is sub-par. But I'm a creature of habit and a glutton for punishment (and foolishly hopeful that today they will have their act together) so we found ourselves pulling into that location. Today I think they all collectively gave up. The drive-thru line was impossibly long so I went inside. I grabbed the gift card that I got from John but I knew it wasn't enough so I grabbed my wallet too.

Which was still in my aquafit bag.

Good thing The Boyfriend had his debit card with him. Went inside, eyed down the chocolate croissants, noticed a girl I'm pretty sure went to my highschool and finally got to the front of the line after I heard the barista (baristo? It was a guy) tell the man in front of me that actually they didn't have any coffee today.

I'm-sorry-what? No coffee? At Starbucks? The coffee giant that is single-handedly responsible for creating an urban coffee culture? Has no coffee?

I'm sure glad that I drink tea!

"I'm sorry- the whole district has been out of earl grey tea for a week. White tea is almost the same though"

Uh. No. It isn't.

Walked out of Starbucks with nothing. Completely stunned. And starving. And sleepy. I didn't catch on to any of the jokes an unusually chipper Boyfriend cracked on the ride in.

How are they always out of earl grey tea??? Its obviously popular. Order. More.

I had no brain capacity for trying another Starbucks (how many times do you think I can call them out on this?) but The Boyfriend (I feel like we need to come up with a better nickname/false name for him) stopped in front of the next one (on the same street) to try again.

I waited in line, ordered my drink, positive that since the whole district was out and this was presumably in the same district as the first being on the same street and all, they wouldn't have any either.

They did. Magically.


Until..."I'm pretty sure that your drink already has vanilla in it"

Sure. Whatever. Just please make sure there is vanilla in it.

I walk out into the sunshine, croissant in one hand, tea in the other ready to tackle another day.

Get to the office, sunshine is in my face, take a sip of my nice, hot, comforting tea... vanilla.


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