Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slightly More Optimistic. But Only Slightly.

Well kids today is a much better day. Partly because the sun is shining right in my face again (and will be for approximately the next 3 whole minutes), but mainly because of those of you that left some really wonderful comments on my blog yesterday! Its amazing what the kind words of strangers can do to a person's spirit.

I even tried to think of all the reasons my life doesn't suck. I was doing pretty well (personally things are fairly great) too.

But then I got to work.

And was immediately reminded of all the reasons why I can't stand this place. I definitely appreciate all the words of encouragement and take solace in knowing that I'm not the only one trapped in a kind of cubicle hell, for the interest of the blog, I must try to maintain a level of professional bitterness.

How about we compromise? I will continue to be bitter at this job, but at the next job I have to be nice.

Here we go.

You know what's amazing? Starting your day reading an email from a person telling you how to do your job. Even better is when this person is telling you how to do your job based on how its affecting her job.

Serenity now...

With Amy standing over my shoulder I was able to craft a biting, yet completely professional email that I am confident will shut her right the hell up. I was surprised that Amy was willing to back me up, usually she would just tell me that thats the way it is. It might have had something to do with my asking her why the rep had cc'd John and not her, since she is the manager of the department.

Anyway, the ability to send a snarky retort has somewhat restored my zen-like state of mind.

Ah well John just undid my email. Sad face. He started his reply with "Before things escalate any further..." What does he think she is going to do? Come over here? Please.

Had an interesting run in with John yesterday. You may remember that he has been awarded his own branch in the new system. Basically like owning his own Subway or Taco Bell. They just gave him his own branch. Whatever. If the company wants to put one of its branches into the hands of someone who engages in questionable behaviour with his staff at social functions, its none of my business.

He came around yesterday afternoon with a clipboard asking each of us in turn whether we were planning on staying with the company or moving on?

1. I don't think that a life altering decision like your job can be made on the spot with an audience.
2. John is such a worm.

He got to me. He asked me "So are you still planning on moving on (I have made no secret of this) or did that Call Centre presentation change your mind?"

Me: "Well John, I wasn't invited to that presentation, so I can't say. But I'm sure that it woudn't have made a difference"

John: visibly agitated "Well that was probably because we knew that you weren't interested..."

He walked away. Entirely enough John time for the week thanks. I'm sure he will be back to discuss the email that was sent, that I sent, that he sent...

my 2 cents is free...

No? No time for a little Eminem? Please. There's always time for classic Eminem.

That about sums it up for me this morning. Probably about time I look busy around here.

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  1. I was feeling good too and then I had to listen to idiot co-worker argue with boss about where Iceland is and I think my brain finally melted. HA! Iceland, melted. Oh man, I crack myself up. Unfortunately, it's only me.

  2. Well we are on the same wavelength VEG, because that made me chuckle.

    Since I was 7 and had a girl in my class from Iceland I have often pondered the irony of calling Iceland Iceland, when it is in fact fairly green, and calling Greenland Greenland when its all ice...