Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Black King Penguin

You know that saying about winter, that it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb?

Its a lie.

This is particularly funny because 3 weeks ago the city was desperate for snow on the local mountains. Now, not only are the mountains getting dumped on, but there is snow in residential areas as well. Ah, the West Coast. You just never know what its going to do weatherwise.

Anyway, considering how people drive in the snow out here its nothing short of a miracle that I even made it to the office in one piece.

Stupid miracle.

The Record just emailed me that they aren't running the buses up to my house anymore. They are shuttling people. I shouldn't have taken the ride!

Well I'm here now. Might as well dig in and get some work done. So far I have read through my emails (thank you ladies for your emails first thing), sent some long winded responses and started my blog post. I'm kicking a$$ and taking names.

Yesterday the most amazing thing happened. This thing never happens. Its like an all black King Pengiun . It can happen, it just almost never does. I can thank all the diseases that arrived here with the Olympic tourists--whatever it was, it came into the office and knocked us all down one by one. For days. Everyone except Amy.

John has been away all week (on another cruise. I'm still hoping for some kind of overboard incident) so that's already been a nice change. Then yesterday, Amy called in sick.

She never does that. I'm not sure if she is just the healthiest person ever, if its a mind over matter thing, or if she is just really good at hiding when she is actually sick, but I think since I have been here she might have called in sick maybe 5 times. In 2 years. Impressive right?

Or stupid. Lady, you need the break.

So yesterday, Amy and John were both gone. Veronica was in charge.

As soon as word spread that Amy wouldn't be in the office, I swear you could feel the mood lightening. All of a sudden, odd sounds were coming from all around me.

Laughter and conversation.

When Amy is here the whip is cracked. The sound of laughter is quickly stifled (often at great physical harm to ourselves, like when I'm stealthily reading a funny blog), and conversations die on our lips.

But in her eagerness to show us that she is a fun boss, Veronica gives us free reign. I think if you look at our production yesterday...its probably crap. One time when Veronica ended up in charge, they took photos of themselves wrapped in bubble wrap. Veronica then emailed them to John. I don't think John was very impressed. But I had a good chuckle at Veronica's misguided attempts at being popular on both sides of the manager's desk.

So yesterday, against all odds, I found myself almost enjoying work. My natural joy and sunny personality (*cough cough*) were allowed free reign. It felt strange. But right. People were cracking jokes, setting up pranks (there is a plan in place to cover Maurice's desk with photocopied pictures of Josh Duhamel. Why? Because), talking about current events. Things that go on in normal offices, where happening here. Which totally threw me off. But I did start to enjoy it. Might also have been helped by the delicious brownie I found.

Today Amy is back though. She's wearing all grey, to match the dismal weather outside. Its like she knew she needed to set the tone for seriousness after yesterday's mayhem.

I'm finding it hard to concentrate on the task at hand though. I know the office universe is right again, but I don't like it. I definitely preferred the atmosphere yesterday. A taste of what working life could be perhaps?


  1. i was just thinking about the in like a lion and out like a lamb thing too. only it's proving correct. i have flip-flops on today. first time all year!

    glad you had an almost normal work day yesterday!

  2. Is it sad to celebrate normalcy? I think it might happen again today- Amy is away again!