Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sleepwalking And Soul Searching

I do not really have a plan for today's post. Sometimes I do (although I'm sure that its hard to tell), sometimes I don't. Today I don't. Who knows what could happen.

An odd thing did happen last night though. I was exhausted after my aquafit class (amazing what an hour of treading water will do) and basically fell into bed. The Boyfriend, having watched a movie, wasn't as tired. He was drunk though- the Canucks (hockey team) lost so he had a few drinks to take the edge off (playoff spot edge). He did come to bed but he was pretty restless. And also drunk (he would probably prefer that I didn't say that he was drunk, so let's just say that he was tipsy, but I mean drunk). Which is funny when I'm not also drunk. Well, more funny in that its a lot more noticeable.

Then at about 2.20am he sits up, swings his legs out of bed, gets up and walks out of the bedroom. I'm thinking he's just going for a bathroom run. But he doesn't come back. I fall back asleep and about 2 hours later he comes back into bed. I sleepily ask him what the hell happened and he said that it was the weirdest thing, he woke up on the couch, freezing cold.

So I'm thinking he's sleepwalking? I hope this doesn't become a regular occurance. It disturbs my own sleep. And let's face it, I don't sleep well during the week. And also, concern for him yadda yadda yadda.

My nails are chipped. This irks me. I couldn't redo them last night, won't have time tonight. Which means 2 more full days of looking at chipped nails. You may ask me why I wouldn't just take the chipped nail polish off and have naked nails. And I would tell you that when one has been wearing nail polish every day for about 7 years, not wearing nail polish is actually a little painful. Imagine scraping 3 layers of nail off. Doesn't feel so nice does it? Yes I know that I have a problem.

So that's another dilemma.

We have a morning meeting today. So excited. I bet its going to be really informative and well organized. I'm sure that we will all walk out of there saying to ourselves "I'm so glad we had that meeting" or "We're definitely all on the same page now".

Except that none of those things will happen. Because my office is run by chimps.

Actually, thats offensive. Chimps would be way better at this.

I'm totally stoked on our meeting dude!


This morning is making my head hurt. My soul hurts too. My soul wants to know why I sold her to the devil and am allowing them to tear her out piece by piece. My soul is asking me why I don't love her.

My soul needs to sit back down. I'm doing the best I can.

I guess you are all wondering how Maurice's training session with the Hairy A$$ Crack turned out? Well I'm sad to report that they didn't hold the training in our Cubicle. Maurice rolled his chair over to the HAC's cubicle. So. Nothing.

On the one hand I'm glad I wasn't subject to that all morning. But on the other hand, I feel like I let you down, dangling such a tasty carrot in front of you, getting you to come back today, to find out nothing. I will tell you that they were supposed to start at 10 and that nothing was done until about 10.15. I even thought about writing some little aside about how much I hate lateness (I hate it a lot).

But since there is no point to the story, since there is no drama, no funny phrase, that all seems kind of silly now.

Whats that? My posts rarely have a point? Mmm. You may have something there. But you didn't think of one thing: that I'm in charge around here.


  1. I've totally done that where I've woken up on the couch. Maybe from the stress & beer he was a lil off. That's a pretty funny lil story tho! I hate when my nail polish chips too, it dives me nuts.

  2. My ex used to have night terrors. One he jumped up on the bed, did a ninja pose and ran full speed ahead into a wall. He finally woke up. It was nuts. Kinda scary! Did you figure out the google reader/ dashboard?

    Totally agree on the chipped nails.

  3. I have a boyfriend who used to grab me all kinds of ways in his sleep... when I'd finally wake up and be ready to do what he was aiming for; he'd be jostled and roll over and go back to sleep. Not fun!!

  4. The sleepwalking thing really seemed to cause a stir. Even my mom texted me last night telling me she was concerned. I really think it was a one off- and mostly it was just really funny.