Monday, March 8, 2010

Stale Cupcake

Because I am in denial about its being Monday I thought it might be fun to relive my weekend and the Oscars.

It doesn't really matter if you're with me or not. For a couple of reasons. First because I'm in charge around here and what I say goes. And then because there is nothing noteworthy going on around here. And finally...see number one.

If I ruled the world I would get rid of Mondays. And the phrase "Somebody's got a case of the Mondays" because thats annoying and if someone really does have a case of the Mondays they are likely to hurt you for pointing it out.Mondays probably wouldn't be as bad (they will always be kind of bad) if I was able to sleep Sunday nights. But I am not. So Mondays are a combination of being the furthest away from the weekend and sleep deprivation. And when I don't sleep...well people around me have a tendency of getting hurt.

On the bright side (Anna, I've resorted to bright siding myself because you are not here. I really think you should reconsider this school thing and come back to me full time) Amy just brought me a tiny cupcake. I enjoy cupcakes. And its being tiny makes it that much more delicious. All pink frosted and sprinkled like.

So the weekend. Basically I went to the States and bought nothing. Well thats not entirely true. I bought a little striped shirt dress thing and a headband for St Patricks day. It has a little leprechaun hat on it, set at an angle. And its adorable. St Patricks day is an important day in my calendar year because its celebration turns into a celebration of me. My birthday is the day after you see, and while it does suck to be hungover on your birthday, it is also awesome to be able to celebrate your birthday the moment it happens. And also to make everyone else celebrate me too. It'd be like having your birthday on January 1st. Except better because St Patricks day is messier and less expensive.

I have been told that I'm not shopping right if I can't buy anything in the States. But I just don't enjoy shopping. I get bored of it really quick. About an hour after our arrival at the Outlets I was ready to go home. But if we had gone home then we never would have had a chance to go to the Olive Garden. And what a waste of a trip that would have been.

I'd go into detail about the whole border experience, but after my transit authority escapade, I'm wary of mentioning these things. I might get deported. Well I wouldn't...but....well anyway.

So the cupcake wasn't actually that delicious. Fail.

Now the Oscars. Normally I make a point of watching the big movies and the big performances so that I have a leg to stand on when making my predictions. This year...totally failed at that. Oddly enough, my predictions were more right on though...probably because I wasn't prejudiced? I think I saw Avatar and Inglourious Basterds and that might have been it? Like I said, failure. The important thing here is that I was more right than The Boyfriend. I still watch a) because I have a need to know whats happening and b) because of all the pretty shiny things on the red carpet.

Anyway I spent 2 hours of my life flipping between various red carpet shows. I thought I could see everyone's dress that way. Wrong. I saw a lot of men (I don't care what you say, they all basically look the same in their suits. Hot. But same) but not many dresses. And besides who wins, its all about who's wearing what. Fine, talk amongst yourselves but show me dresses while you do it damn it.

The CTV coverage had Ben Mulroney (*cringe*) interviewing only Canadians which....while they definitely had a strong showing this year...yawn. And then there was that whole red dress thing- good cause but its taking up dress showing time.

And don't even get me started on Kathy Ireland. Her hair was a disaster and what the hell was with that hand? Her one hand was so stiff, its like she had botoxed her whole body. And her comments? Please. No more Kathy Ireland. Please.

The show itself was alright. Wasn't crazy about the opening number, the monologue was good (though they were booed with the whole Toyota joke eh? Calm down people- the cars did have a faulty gas pedal. Kind of a big deal) but after that...the presenters were nervous and I thought the whole show had kind of a hastily slapped together vibe.

And what about the In Memoriam segment. No Farrah Fawcett! How can you leave Farrah Fawcett out? She died on the same day as Michael Jackson and she was actually in movies. She was great in Man of the House (with JTT and Chevy Chase- you remember?)! But seriously, Academy, not cool.

In the end I'm just glad that something beat Avatar. And that a woman finally won for Best Director. Just in time for International Women's Day (its today for those of you not in the know)!

The sun is shining and I'm on a mission for shoes (Oxfords I saw at Aldo in the states- they didn't have my size. Sad face) so I'ma leave it for there today. A departure for sure, but hopefully not an unwelcome one?

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  1. Yeah, no one thought lovely Kathy did a good job. She is the butt of all the jokes this morning. Major fail for the red carpet.

  2. I mean, I guess part of the fun of the red carpet is the awkwardness and the fawning...but Kathy just took it to a whole new level.
    I'm glad she is being called out on it. Because I'm an a**hole like that.

  3. wow...glad i didn't waste time watching the oscars...i just got the complete rundown here! thanks!