Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today, We Drink

Today is my favourite holiday of the year. Besides my birthday. Which I think should be a holiday because usually people are hungover on my birthday. If you have not been paying attention, my birthday is tomorrow.

As I am not in the office tomorrow (f*ckeneh) I am celebrating my birthday today. Privately of course. I wouldn't want the office overlords to have to exert themselves and send around a card for everyone to sign.

Don't worry, my expectations are low. Even though I am obnoxious about my birthday and easily the most awesome person in the office (I suffer from low self esteem) I can see how it would be easy to forget. Or just not recognize it because I'm not actually here on my birthday. Jerks.

Anyway. Today it is St. Patrick's Day. And I miss Mary Kate. Mary Kate is from Ireland. Today is her national holiday. In her honour, today I told Maurice that Leprechaun is pronounced Le-pru-shen (she always used to do this to people in bars). I also made him wear a green shirt. I told everyone to. Or I would pinch them. Anna backed me up. I think we're both secretly hoping that Veronica forgets. As it is, she is wearing teal. What's the verdict on that people? Is teal considered green? It seems more blue to me...

But back to Mary Kate. There is an Irish pub around the corner and we went to it on our St Patrick's Day (we only got one together). We ordered a drink and it took about 40 minutes to find us. So we had to chug our drinks. And come back to the office kind of buzzed. Best afternoon ever.

But now, sans Mary Kate and with Anna in school every morning, there is no one to drink with me No one that wouldn't defile the memories created in the pub. Sad isn't it? I'm going to have to spend the entire day, my psuedo-office-birthday-that-no-one-will-recognize-which-also-happens-to-be-the-greatest-drinking-nation's-drinking-holiday, sober.

I will have to make the most of it with my sunny work attitude. I'm wearing green (obviously. And not some heinous attempt at green either. Perfect kelly green), I put make up on (which I haven't done at work since last year) and I bought a headband at Old Navy for the occasion. It has a little leprechaun (le-pru-shen) hat perched at a jaunty angle. And although it seems to be cutting off the circulation to my brain somewhat (not like I need to think here, so no big deal) I'm totally rocking it. And you're jealous that you don't have one.

My sister sure was.

She is 13. And she goes to a school where she needs to wear a uniform. But once a month they have a "Spirit Day" when they get to wear their own clothes. Its usually a themed day and what with the threat of being pinched rife in the air, she asked me if she could borrow that headband I got for St. Patty's day? Um. When did you think I was going to wear it? At Easter?

In the end she came over and borrowed some green shirts. Shirts that I realized I had accumulated for the express purpose of wearing to the bar to get drunk on St Patrick's. Not sure what this says about me? That I'm lots of fun and don't like to pay for drinks? Let's go with that. I'm also not sure how I should feel about passing on these "drinking" shirts to my little sister...

Low expectations are the order of the day. Besides the initial excitement over everyone's choice of green accoutrements, I'm sure that today will be just like any other day trapped in the Cubicle. But at least there is the promise of heavy drinking when the day is done.

Happy St Patty's everybody! We're all Irish today!

Oh! And PS I got the BEST text ever last night. I needed wrapping paper so I had called The Boyfriend during the day to see if we had any at home. He had called back to tell me to check at the store on my way home. When I was on the bus home, I got a text from him that said "No raped at store". No word of a lie that was his text. Naturally I was thrilled that he wasn't raped at the store. He actually meant to tell me that there hadn't been any paper. But I liked the first text better.


  1. Le-pre-shen. Hahaha. You can always be festive with a green beverage of some sort... Mountain Dew? (that might be more yellow...) Sprite with green food coloring? The options are (not quite) endless.

  2. I should have gotten the head band too! Darn it!

  3. Lol. I'm so glad that he didn't get raped at the store too! :)