Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I Get Out Of Bed

If you are expecting some touching and emotional reason for my getting out of bed, you will be disappointed.

Ever have that feeling like you would rather stay in bed than go to work? Do you ever battle your inner self re: the pros vs. the cons of staying or going?

I do this pretty much every day. Every morning I have to have a conversation with myself about going to work. Obviously its very cozy in my bed which makes it difficult to get out. Even worse on the mornings when The Boyfriend doesn't have to go to work because then its all snuggly too. And obviously I don't like my job. This makes it even more difficult to convince my very skeptical inner self to get out of bed.

My inner self is very lazy. Given the chance she would totally stay home all day watching daytime TV in her bathrobe. So she puts up quite a fuss when I set foot outside my bed and go through the daily rigamarole of getting ready.

So why do I do it? How do I get around my persuasive, lazy inner self?

I have to think of reasons for coming to work. I have to get pretty creative. It started with simple thins like "you just had a sick day last week". You gotta start somewhere right? Even though I hate pretty well everything about this job and most of the people, I still feel bad about taking sick days. That's just the way I am. Its that work ethic. Very annoying.

So I guess reason #1 for coming to work: Self Preservation. I'm not an idiot (despite what I look like). I have been paying attention the past year or so and I realize that I'm lucky to have a paycheque coming in regularly. Sure its soul destroying but its money in the bank. And I would like to keep that going. So in an effort not to get fired, here I am. Day in and (almost) day out.

My time here in the Cubicle has been made somewhat easier to bear with Anna here going through the same thing. So reason #2 is Anna. Sure she is off bettering herself now and I don't really get to see her anymore. But when she is here there is someone else that realizes the ridiculousity (is too a word) of this place and the people that run it. On mornings when I really think I'm going to call it in, I think about Anna's sad face when she realizes I'm not there. I know what this face looks like because I wear it when she calls it in.

There is strength in numbers right? It feels good to know that there are other people who's souls are slowly dying because of work. So reason #3 is the Record. I suffer in my Cubicle and I know she suffers in hers (send her good thoughts today- she is on the road with her Overshare coworker) and so we email. We email about the oversharers, we make plans for outside of work, we ramble and sometimes she even inspires posts. So for the Record, I come to work.

When I don't come to work, I don't blog. So reason #4 is you, this blog, and the blogs that I like to read while I'm here. Your words lift me up, make me laugh, or make good points. I enjoy posting on this here blog, even if at least half the time what I'm saying makes no sense, isn't funny or interesting, and is mostly just a collection of words that may or may not have meaning for just me. The other half of the time its youtube videos. Aren't you proud that you make me get out of bed?

And because I like to do these things in groups of 3 or 5....reason #5 for coming to work is Extracurricular Activities. Sometimes I will schedule lunch dates, or dinner plans in the city, so that I know that I have to be at work to keep these appointments. Added bonus--I get to see my friends and/or family. There have even been times when I register myself for an evening class (I'm taking another one in April- Managing the Blogosphere! I can't wait!) so that I have to go to work to get to the fun class after. Genius right? Well, kind of sad that this is how I have to motivate myself for work. But. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Is it Bring Your Kid to Work Day? One of the managers (actually one of my favourites, but I don't get to work for her) brought her daughter to work today. I guess she's in grade 9? This would be fine in and of itself. But guess what she's doing? Shadowing Veronica! And guess who's totally stoked about it and announcing "Look! I have someone shadowing me today!" to everyone? Yeah. That's going to get old. Fast. Plus its like a new person starting, where suddenly we-all-love-being-at-work- and-its- so-much-fun-here-look-at-us-we're-all-laughing-and-joking-and-we're-all-friends-here. Please. I just had breakfast, I'd rather not throw up. Thanks.

I'm sure the daughter is a lovely girl. She seems sweet. She just shouldn't be subjected to Veronica. And I shouldn't be subjected to Veronica's...what would you call it? Veronica's veronicaness.


  1. maybe the daughter is shadowing veronica as a lesson on how not to end up!

  2. That is definitely a theory I could get behind. If this proves to be correct, it will have been worth getting out of bed for. The kid is back Friday, I will keep an eye on the situation as it unfolds.

  3. Thank you. Without you I would fade away here into a personality-less blob.

  4. "The middle class don't have the luxury of going insane."

    That's what I tell myself when I really, really, really don't feel like working anymore.

  5. i hope you know that the only reason why i don't call in sick more is cause i don't want to leave you alone. <3
    and i do feel bad about going to school! but at least i didn't quit alltogether! imagine that?! you would HAVE to find a new lackey (not that i'm a lackey...i'm a bit cooler than a lackey...i'm like karen minus the sluttiness to your regina...cause if you shaved off all your hair, you would look like a british man)

  6. Record, Anna- you both know that I couldn't do it without you. I do appreciate that you didn't quit Anna, but some mornings...
    Laurie-that's a damn shame about the middle class. Does this mean I have to carry on? Boo.