Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Office Pranks

Well I'm back in my Cubicle. Arguably where I belong. If you argue that this is where I belong, I will fight you. After a week away, I am more sure than ever that this is not where I belong. Although, let's be honest, we all already knew that.

Anyway. I'm back. I missed you lot. But only you lot- I missed nothing about this box. I came back after my holiday (which was actually me being deathly ill and not getting paid) to some "hilarious" pranks. Normally I enjoy pranks. But Cubicle-pranksters take note: if someone is away for a week or more, coming back into the office is probably not going to be a smooth transition. So maybe don't lower their chair (I think I hurt my back plopping myself into a seat that was practically on the floor). The obscene pose of my stuffed dog and stress horse was admittedly kind of funny but covering the mouse with a post-it that says "hi" so that it doesn't work? Not funny at 8.15. Probably not funny ever really- probably wins the award for the most annoying office prank ever.

Do you think less of me because I have a stuffed dog on my desk? He's really tiny I promise. Plus, he was a gift from MK, which makes him awesome.

It is now March! The best month of the year. I even got to change my calendar picture this morning. A beautiful yellow labrador now smiles at me. He's so pretty- I want him. Maybe I will get a puppy for my birthday. That's right kids, its my birthday month.

But all of that aside...let's catch up shall we?

Seems that my post on Friday offended some people. And by some people I mean the local transit authority (I don't want to say their name because it turns out they google themselves and then make comments on blogs to "clarify" things). If you haven't already- take a look at the comments from Friday's post. At first I thought it was funny- I mean do you know how many people read this blog? Is it really worth your time? Am I waging a campaign against you? No. So maybe chill. But then when he came back and made another comment, I was annoyed. I guess this is the point of a blog- start dialogue and whatnot. But that's not the point of my blog. The point of my blog is to b*tch and moan about all the awful things that I have to put up with. And then you add comments that buoy me back up.

That's how this works transit authority. So just...stop.

So there was that. And then there was the spectacular ending to the Winter Olympics. Most gold medals ever won by a country at the Winter Olympics! How about that Canada! Of course this wouldn't have meant jacksh*t it if hadn't also been on the same day as the men's hockey team won the gold medal. If you were in Canada- how about that party?!? I'm a relative newcomer to the love of hockey- it was something I caught from The Boyfriend (I know, I'm one of those), but...wow. I knew it would be exciting, I did not expect the rollercoaster, the ups and downs and the sheer joy when we won. I mean, after I practically launched myself at The Boyfriend, I actually cried. Over a hockey gold medal. But it was so perfect, so incredible, so...right.

I'm still not totally over it.

And then there were the Closing Ceremonies. Which I thought were hilarious. I mean, is there any other nation that can make fun of itself like Canada? Hysterical.

But just like that, its all over. The crowds of people are gone, the buses are back to normal (and generally, I would like to point out, did a very good job. Its really only the late nights I have an issue with), the waves of red and white have been replaced with seasonal blacks and greys. Its kind of a little sad really.

Imagine that- after all the whining leading up to the Games, I'm sad that they are over.

Veronica, mouth full, just said "haha I thought you were speaking Chinese". Always PC that one.

I'm back in my Cubicle, surrounded by incompetence- and Anna is not here with me. She is back in school, working here in the evenings so I will sort of see her, but mostly I won't. Boooo Anna.

I mean, good on you for going back to school!

Amy just told me that they trained 3 people to take over my job while I was gone. She didn't notice anything wrong with my tone of voice when I said "wow, you had to get 3 people to do my job?"-- and only one part of my job too.

Its good to be back. And by good to be back I mean, it sucks that I had to come back to this job instead of some fabulous new one.


  1. I've got to remember the post it on the mouse thing...that could come in handy...

    All hell is breaking loose at my old job, due to my moving on to greener pastures. I'm absolutely loving it. Does that make me a lesser person? If so, I just don't give a shit.

  2. Office pranks aren't funny when you are dragging yourself in on a grim Monday morning with post Olympic depression. The brainiacs at my office wrapped everything in my cubicle in toilet paper... everything. My chair, my stapler, my mouse, my kleenex box, my monitor, my phone, my note pad, my business cards, my... you get the idea. How completely original.

    Someone rescue me from this hell already!

  3. Laurie, it doesn't make you a lesser person. If you felt bad or wanted to help them out, that would make me judge you.

    Record, I didn't realize that those a-holes thought that they had a sense of humour. Plus, what about all the time wasting. When I was off with possible Swine Flu I came back to my cubicle wrapped in plastic. I was a biohazard. Hilarious. People died with Swine Flu you jerks!

  4. and people will die if they pull pranks on you...the difference is that swine flu isn't funny....yet.

  5. Swine Flu, i remember my desk! lol, translink thing was funny. But hey, u got Dustin reading all the way from HK . i guess alot of ppl are actually reading this!

  6. They don't have a sense of humour... it was intiated by a recent transplant who hasn't had every ounce of personailty sucked from him just yet... but he's well on his way.

    Question is what do you do with 3 rolls of TP that have been unrolled and taped to stuff? I could hear the trees crying from here...