Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two More Days To Survive

Alright, so I made it to Monday! Big props to me for not going balistic in the office yesterday. It was close. But I made it to the other side and now I only have to get through today and tomorrow before 2 glorious days of freedom. To celebrate me.


Do you know what's awesome? When your manager guilts someone into staying in the office after they mention that they are unwell. Awesome no? It happened. Is that your surprised face? I don't have a surprised face in the office anymore.Everything that happens here, that in other offices would warrant a surprised face, (like the accusation of racism, the taking away of vacation days, the lack of a raise etc) is just par for the course. Obviously that would happen! What did you think that she would be concerned for your wellbeing and send you home? HA!

I suppose you need some details to fully get the picture.

So there is Anna, who you all love. Anna is busting her butt to go to school every morning for several hours before she comes here to put in a full days' work. She doesn't leave the office until 8pm. Every day. She has been doing this for a couple of weeks now and has been open about the fact that she actually enjoys the hours. She gets a lot more done when its quiet in the office (ie when no one else is here to f*ck up production. How weird that when none of the people "in charge" are around, stuff gets done!).

But yesterday she was feeling unwell. Probably because of all the disgusting germ factories that have been coming into the office to leave trails of germiness all over everything. Anyway, she's in the office working away and in the middle of the day she starts to feel really ill. So she lets Amy know that she isn't feeling well and asks if she can go home early.

Amy's response?

"Maybe we should look at adjusting your schedule if you are feeling unwell?"

I should clarify that this wasn't an attempt at concern, that maybe Anna is working too hard. No. Amy is concerned about the lost production so she wants to, probably force Anna to take her lunch and stay an extra hour, or work Saturdays. Because that's how the stony-faced little beyotch works.

Forget the fact that she just sent out an email letting people know that if they were sick they needed to stay at home. And now she is a) questioning the validity of the complaint and b) forcing someone that is unwell to stay in the office.

Management at its finest kids.

I recently saw a girl on facebook update her status with "I want a big girl job". Another girl commented that she loved her job. And I'm left wondering (after commenting that I'm happy for her that she loves her job but also I hate her a little for the same reason) where are these mythical jobs? I keep hearing about them, but I have yet to come across one for myself. What am I doing wrong?

Well obviously right now I'm not really looking. Its like going to the animal shelter and looking at puppies when you are in no way in a position to get a puppy (incidentally The Boyfriend did that to me once. He thought it would be fun and that I would enjoy looking at the puppies. I left wanting to cry because I couldn't save just one puppy from doggie jail)- it's just not on. If I found the perfect job, knowing that I was in no position to apply for that job right now (its called getting a mortgage. Apparently we need my pithy income to make it work), I would be devastated.

So I sit in my Cubicle, watching my bus take people to my home (seriously, I can see my bus go by my window all day long. Every single time I wish I was on that bus), looking across the street at the people working in their offices, wondering what they do and if they like it and hope that one day, one day soon, I won't be working here anymore and I will actually enjoy coming to work.

When I'm finally in another job, I will begin my next project: Project Puppy. That one has got to be a lot more fun right?


  1. Yes. To all of it. Bravo girl, couldn't have said it better myself. That is all.

  2. Only two more days! Hang in there.

  3. Sweetie, I hope you find something better soon. I want you to enjoy going to work as well.

  4. Thank you ladies! I'm working on all of it I swear.