Monday, March 22, 2010

Double Trouble

Those of you that have been reading for a while (so basically, my mom) know that I never post twice in one day. I think its happened once.

Today its necessary.

Because my office just "celebrated" my birthday.

And I use the term celebrated very, very loosely.

Anna was a rockstar and brought in a homemade cheesecake that was amazing in all its cheesecakey glory. She dropped it off before she went to school. Thoughtful and delicious.

Anyway, Veronica tried to be all stealth, like she was the one pulling off the surprise. And it wasn't just for me. It was also for another girl, the one who was accused of being a racist . Needless to say neither of us were really in the mood for all this office togetherness.

John walked in and I asked the other girl, we shall call her Lily, if our present could be that he didn't sing. Or if he could just leave. Or if we got to pick who got to stay and have cake and who had to leave. Lily laughed. Its like I was reading her mind.

We didn't need to worry. Veronica awkwardly announced that it was our birthday celebration (and also that it was Anna's birthday- so Anna, you missed out on your own birthday celebration FYI) and then fell to cutting the cake. No song. No pretense at forethought with a card.

All business. No one talked to either of us.

I could not get out of there soon enough. Cheesecake goodness aside, that was just bullsh*t. At least pretend that you care about our birthdays. Its not hard, I pretend all the time. I pretend that I care what you did this weekend. I pretend to care about your problems at home. I pretend not to care when you breathe the same air as me. Practice makes perfect.

Anyway, a HUGE thank you and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Anna. I'm sorry that you are working on your birthday, but at least no one will be around to ruin it for most of the day.

And for the rest of you, I thought you should know. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow- what if I had forgotten all the exciting details!

1 comment:

  1. 1) thank you! you are a sweet vanilla cake!
    2) i love how you made your blog all spring like!
    3) i'm glad you liked the cake...i'm sad that john had a piece...i hope to god he didn't cut my piece.
    4) i love how veronica stole the thunder of the birthday when it was someone's going away...and stole his thunder cause her bday is more important. silly me to think other wise.
    5) march babies are the best. just sayin...